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Whether you’re a new or experienced rider, chances are you’re going to have a smelly/dirty helmet after all the motorcycle riding you’ve done. A lot of people think how to clean lids inside and out, and although there are a lot of different methods and suggestions, here are the most effective ways to do so.

If you own a helmet with a removable interior lining, then it would be very easy to clean. You remove the lining and/or the cheekpads and put them in the laundry machine at delicate cycle or you can clean them with hands, after that you can clean the outside of the helmet with a soft cloth/towel/micro fiber and mild detergent to avoid scratching on the shell of the helmet. Moisten the soft cloth/towel/micro fiber, put a few drops of mild detergent on it, and wipe the shell gently, the detergent will do its job with the grime/dirt/etc and after you’re done, you simply wipe off with water until the detergent is gone.

BUT for those of us with helmets that do NOT have a removable liner the job is a little trickier. It is suggested to use soft damp cloth and a neutral cleaning agent. For the places that are more difficult to clean like vent covers use a soft tooth brush. When cleaning on plastic parts make sure you don’t use solvents, acid and alcohol base or any type of window cleaner as it can cause the plastic to detoriate.

Then Grab some shampoo. If it’s good enough for your head, it’s good enough for your helmet. Dish detergent might be a bit harsh for the interior, so avoid that.
Don’t overdo it, but don’t be cheap with it. If your helmet REALLY smells, then go ahead and put some more.  Fill with lukewarm water. I have a feeling cold and hot might be a bad idea, stay away from the extremes. Rinse to agitate the excessive dust/dirt out, you don’t want to dunk it in the CLEAN water and scrub with the same contaminated water.

After washing put the visor open and keep it in front of a table fan, keep it till the helmet is not dry.

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