Riding With Friends This Weekend: Here Are Some Of The Best Getaways In India.

Even a day’s escape from the city can give you an assured vacation, what else do we expect from this all day long busy schedule few moments spent chilling and relaxing with friends. This weekend becomes all the more special as its friendship day. Here are some the best road trips in India that one should take once […]

What Happens When You Try to Steal a Rolls Royce’s Spirit of Ecstasy

Have you ever wondered why all Rolls Royce’s hood ornaments don’t sell in the market? It’s because the Spirit of Ecstasy, as the hood ornament is called, is protected by a brilliantly over-engineered mechanism that causes it to retract and disappear if tampered with. As explained by this salesman – It’s apparently a standard feature included on all of […]

The Evolution Of Crash Helmets In The Last 100 Years

This amazing short video from Donut Media is a visualisation, how the helmets have come from being mere canvas masks to save you from bugs to not saving you from death! Some of the key points on Donut’s helmet timeline: In 1908, at the earliest auto races, drivers were rocking “soft cloth” head caps to save you from oncoming bugs. […]

Exploring The Majestic Beauty Of Leh, Ladakh

One of the dream bike riding destination in India. It is blessed with mesmerizing beauty and splendid locations. This region of  Jammu and Kashmir state is a challenge that every adventurous biker would love to take. The rugged trails, rough unpredictable weather and the continuous risk of landslides keep the rider in you charged every […]

8 Unexplored Bike Trips From Mumbai Leading To Surprising Destinations

If you are a biker nothing in this world can  make you more happy than  riding on your motorcycles setting yourself free and unleashing the explorer  within  you. Many bikers would identify with the saying ; 4 wheels move the body 2 wheels move the soul. You feel more connected to the roads, the environment, […]

Travel Diary – The Ultimate Brazilian – Lois Pryce

Welcome to Rio airport… jack-booted, gun-toting policemen and a faint whiff of sewage in the air… yes, it sure felt good to be back in South America! I have had a soft spot for this continent since 2003 after riding my Yamaha XT225 from Alaska to Argentina. Now, nine years later, I was back on South […]

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