Yamaha launches the new FZ25 in India priced at 1.19 lakh ex showroom

We all have been seeing that the Indian motorcycle market is growing fast especially the sub 400CC segment market. Yamaha being one of the pioneers in bringing the performance oriented motorcycle to India first once again pulled the rabbit out of the had with the launch of its new FZ25 a 250 CC oil cooled […]

Dodge Tomahawk – 4 Wheeled, 500bhp, Viper V10 Powered Motorcycle

At the 2003 Detroit North American International Auto Show, Dodge surprised and impressed the world with its 4-wheeled, 500bhp, Viper V10 powered motorcycle. While we doubt it’ll reach its claimed top speed of 350mph, we want to believe this is what Batman would be cruising around on instead of that goofy Bat pod bike that […]

BMW’s Self-Balancing Motorcycle of Tomorrow

“The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 unites the best of both worlds – digital and analogue – for the ultimate emotional experience: The Great Escape.” Besides self-balancing wheels, so that a kickstand is needed only when the motorcycle is shut down, the bike has an “electronic safety cage” that interacts with other vehicles and road […]

Lane Splitting: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Lane Splitting is good Motorcyclists are safer from getting rear ended. No doubts here. If you screen via the traffic channels, you’re less prone to be rear ended. As for an example, take in account what wouldn’t have materialized if the rider edged up alongside the vehicle ahead of him. Motorcyclists save time No exclusions […]

Keanu Reeves Owns Arch Motorcycle Company.

Many of us know Keanu Reeves as star of the Matrix series, but how many of us actually know that he loves speed and owns a motorcycle company! Yes, you heard that right; Keanu Reeves along with his long-time friend, Gard Hollinger who previously owned the company, LA County Chop Rods, have together founded the […]

The Crazy Ride By This Amazing Motorcycle Rider Across India, Myanmar and Bhutan

India, Bhutan and Myanmar tour on Bajaj Pulsar 220cc Watch the video below! Below are the words of S Ali Mehndi Zander who has traveled the whole of India on his Bajaj Pulsar.  I believe that life in an adventure and the only way to be happy is to ‘Live the life you Love & Love the life […]

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