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Most cars are as great as they are. But some car owners want to upgrade their cars, not just for aesthetics, but also for function. Body kits often consist of front and rear bumpers, spoilers, skirts, bonnets, roof scoops, and front and side guards. Some owners want all of these, but some only prefer a few things.

There are a few advantages to installing body kits to your car. For instance, spoilers help elevate the aerodynamics in your car, especially when you are speeding up. It helps you avoid a bumpy ride when speeding because the spoiler helps cut through the wind and allows the rear of your car to maintain its place on the ground.

If you are really a car guy, another advantage of installing body kits is that your car would really look better. Apart from functionality, car body kits increase the overall image of your car. It becomes more distinguished compared to the cars of the same model and year. If you are planning to resell your car, then body kits increase its value. 

There are different ways to install auto body kits. You can do it on your own because most of these parts are readily available in some auto shops. You just have to be keen when buying each part because they should fit your car and it helps to be handy when it comes to cars. 

If not, however, then you can just go to a nearby auto shop and tell them which car extensions you would like to be installed. Though they would do the installation, it is always better to get involved in discussions about the types of body kits they would like to install. 

For instance, the material they would use. You should also get involved because you may have budget restrictions that need to be considered. Be forward with the auto shop you choose when it comes to these things so they know exactly how much you’re willing to pay.

But how would you really know if your car would really look good in body kits? Here are some examples:

Lexus IS250

This car is the definition of elegance meets functionality. The car is great as is, but when it is installed with body kits, it turns into this whole different persona, as if you belong in a drag race community. It could be hard sourcing the right body kits for this model but it sure is worth it. 

The Lexus IS 250 has different variants––there are 2-door cars and 4-door cars. This may be an old model, having debuted in 2008, but body kits often work out to older cars. Which is why you often see vintage cars being restored with full body kits.

Porsche Cayman

Image by Toby Parsons from Pixabay

This model of Porsche is actually what comes to mind when we think about the brand. It is the epitome of high-end, sports cars. But you would think that because it was already built as a sports car, it would not need any enhancements. It still does.

The two-seater sports car was actually the second-generation car of Porsche’s Boxster. These cars were originally manufactured without spoilers, that is why you can still add those to enhance its high-powered engine. Though relatively lowered, enhancing its bumpers would still enhance not just the aesthetic, but also the functionality of your Cayman.


Image by Toby Parsons from Pixabay 

This model could be the perfect business or personal car for you. But you can still convert it to a high-functioning sports car by installing body kits.

This front-engine, rear-wheel-drive is a perfect project for upgrading because it is standard looking. The specs of M4 are great as it is and it could still be enhanced by additional accessories. The materials in this car are mainly carbon fibre, so put that into consideration when ordering body kits for it.

Mercedes G500

Bodykits are not just for sedan cars. They are also great for SUVs such as Mercedes G500. The G series of Mercedes are commonly known as G-Wagen. They are midsize four-wheel-drive SUVs that are both perfect for families and individuals. There is a certain coolness in owning one of these, and having a custom one would be a lot cooler.

Spoilers do not apply to G-Wagens as they are SUVs, you could enhance it by installing front and rear bumpers, especially that these are much-elevated vehicles compared to sedans. It would enhance its speed and minimize the turbulence when speeding up.

Audi R8

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This car is a sports car offered by Audi, which also produces sedans and SUVs. It’s an all-wheel-drive with enhanced specs. But how would you further enjoy the speed capacity of this car? Yes, by installing spoilers. Having modified front and rear bumpers could also help you enhance its speed.

Enhancing your cars even though they are already great as they are is not a bad idea. Just make sure to buy and work with a legitimate auto shop to avoid damage to your car. Do your research and ask for referrals if you are planning an upgrade and do not do it impulsively.

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