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You all have been in a situation when you wanted to go out for something important during the day but you noticed that your car or motorcycle battery went down. This is the time you wish if you have had a nice battery charger.

It’s a common thing especially if you have kept your vehicle unattended for a long duration. This is why its always advisable to keep a battery charger at all times.

So here’s a smart charger that I invested my time on and found that it adds value in 2 ways. I got the CTEK MXS 5.0 battery charger to charge the battery. I also got another nice thing – CTEK COMFORT EYELET M8

It found its great use during the coronavirus lockdown. majority of the people having their vehicles parked in their parking for over 2 months across the world. Many vehicles were unattended. As a result, their batteries were not working at all. This was the same case for me as well.

The beauty about the charger is that it can test and charge at the same time in one go. Also, it comes with a generous cable length which enables you to charge it on the go to your car or motorcycle without removing the battery out of the vehicle.

I was also able to charge both of my motorcycle batteries in one go as well. The CTEK charger comes with a meter showing you the exact power output of the vehicle’s battery hence within 6 hours you are ready with a full charge.

The other product from CTEK, the comfort eyelet is another master thing that enables you to check the battery output from a 3 light setup enabling you to get the most on the go even when you have charged. This is very important as every battery has its life and you can check the same with this on the go charger.

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