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What are the different types of motorcycles?

Motorcycles can be categorized into six different types of motorcycles based on their use – cruiser, sport, touring, standard, dual-purpose, and dirt bike. Off lately Sports touring has been donning the seventh type of motorcycle in the segment.

Different types of motorcycles


  1. Cruiser – These types of motorcycles which are made for open wide straight road-based riding. These typically characterized by their low sitting posture, relaxed riding style. Now, almost all manufacturers have one motorcycle in this segment. However, this segment is captured by the Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles
  2. Sport – Sportbikes are derived from the race track. These types of motorcycles are made for a purpose to go fast in their cubic capacity and deliver performance. All parts in them are aimed to build for Speed, handling, braking, and agility around corners. 
  3. Touring – These types of motorcycles are designed to cover long distances by providing rider comfort. Some people say these are luxury motorcycles as well. They are typically derived from cruisers. They have slightly upright riding posture, front windshield for wind buffeting, and lots of storage space in top box as well as saddle.
  4. Standard – These are the type of motorcycles that are specially designed to carve through city needs. They are typically naked with lesser fairings, purposeful design of good weight transfer, very easy to turn directions to maneuver inside the city. They also have a very peppy engine characteristic to provide fun in between traffic signals.
  5. Dual-purpose or adventure – As the name suggests this type of motorcycle has a distinct capability of going on-road and off-road. This is the fastest-growing segment currently after the street motorcycles as this motorcycle can be categorized as the SUV in motorcycles. It is dominated by the BMW GS and the likes of the KTM adventure category.
  6. Dirt bike – These are the types of motorcycles that can tackle terrains like sand, gravel, river, mud, or snow. They are lightweight and have long suspension travel, higher ground clearance and are geared higher for more torque. Within Dirt Bike there are specialized motorcycles for varied motorcycle sports such as – Motocross, Enduro, Rally-raid, Dual-sport, trials, flat track, and snow bikes.
  7. Sports Touring – Motorcycles that have the attributes of both, sports motorcycles as well as touring motorcycles. It combines the performance of a sportbike with the long-distance capabilities and comfort of a touring motorcycle.

So what type of motorcycle do you like to ride? You can mention in the comments section below.

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