XBHP Dominar Great Asian Odyssey with Shahnawaz Karim

This is how it started.

It started with a phone call from Sunny from XBHP. After the release of the XBHP RR Rap, In which I was a part of the video. We went for the launch video and where we found that something nice is about to start and which was very interesting as no publication like that has done it.

When sunny said that he is doing an Odyssey of 15000 kms, in 11 countries in 90 days, it sounded amazing.

It was decided that I would join the team from Thailand Bangkok and would cross the border to Malaysia and shut off from Penang. It would be a six day journey covering one of the most easy parts of the journey.

I was also informed about this almost 2 months in advance. However in the month of September last week I was preparing to organize the BMW GS trophy India qualifiers in Goa where is something unexpected happened.

I had a fall and I tore three of my ligaments on my left knee. This Bentley was very painful for me as the whole event was about to start the next day. With the doctors Advice I wore a knee brace and finish the event.

As soon as the event got over I came back to Delhi and got the ligaments repaired through a surgery. The doctor told me that it would be an eight-week recovery period. 

I started my physiotherapy and slowly worked on to gain more control over my left knee. After this they were a lot of things that I had to prepare for the trip.

By this time I started receiving my riding gear from Rynox and helmet by Axor helmets. I also received my backpack from Carbonado which made me comfortable about my safety and my belongings.

Just one week before the trip I had started running and cycling which Which was a new beginning in my physical therapy. And now I was functionally prepared for the ride.

The beginning of the journey - Bangkok to Chumphon

I arrived one day before the starting time for the ride for me. Reached and checked in to the hotel. Had dinner and saw the motorcycles parked int he parking with its full glory.

The next day the journey began. I started with one of the motorcycles and went through the city of Bangkok. Captured some pictures and started heading towards Chumphon in Thailand. The day was nice and sunny and Sunny and I decided to ride fast today as we had to cover lots of kms. 

Enroute we found many Transformers statues. And we also clicked some with the motorcycles.

In the evening we reached the hotel and found that there was a nice group of car drivers from Bangkok also reached with us on their Porche’s

Had some chat, clicked pictures and went ahead for dinner. On the way we had stopped for sometime and tried to capture few images in the dark with the Night mode of my iPhone.

Turned out really well.

Day two - Chumphon to Krabi

We started the ride from Chumphon on Day 2 and encountered heavy rains  as a result we couldn’t capture anything but we managed to go to an Indian restaurant and keep riding towards Krabi. Because we started the day slightly late, we encountered rain riding before entering Krabi

Krabi stay was nice as we spent 2 days there. First we reached and parked the motorcycle fully drenched.

We also got went to the Indian restaurant and ate dinner and relaxed.

Ready with this we decided to goto local Krabi and visit places to eat and capture some good moto moments near the Mangrove forests.

Day three - Krabi local

Sunny and I decided that its a good time to goto the the lagoons and get good drone shots. These shots can be found on the Xbhp facebook live and some videos.

Meanwhile Sunil wanted to get his motorcycle chain tightened and maintained by a local mechanic. He went there and then straight to the hotel.

Meanwhile I was looking around the city in search of some good sighting places. 

And we found many.



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