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Adventure Riding Gear – Explained

Why is proper riding gear really important for adventure riding and not just why what all riding gear you should wear. Today we are going to talk all about that.

When you are riding an adventure motorcycle you are always exposed to the environment even to the elements and that’s one of the things that you enjoy the most as well. However, you don’t like falling or being hurt. But that might happen which is why riding apparel or riding gear is there.

One of the best ways to ride on and keep riding for longer is to invest in good riding apparel or good riding gear and today we’ll talk about that let’s go bottoms up.


There are various kinds of boots which are available for adventure riding but I think the best one is that saves you the most. So as a rider myself, I choose motocross boots or even Enduro boots over adventure riding boots because, in case of fall, they give me better protection as they have less flex over adventure boots. And I’m not talking about the road boots. 

Knee Protection

You can start with knee guards which are available in various motorcycle riding pants or even separate knee guards on top of various apparel. Having seen my fair share of injuries I recommend investing in knee braces. Knee braces come in various forms and shapes, like the single side, dual side etc. You can search a lot. But knee braces not just serve you with impact protection but also gives you a lot of twisting movement protection. So that means when your leg is twisting, it will stop that movement dissipating the pressure from that point to various other body parts. 

Hip Protection

Many people wear hip protection and which is primarily to protect the side part of your hip and the tailbone area. This is an optional upgrade however, as much as you wear the better it is for you. 

Upper-body protection

If you look into any riding jersey, a lot of people wear riding armours inside. Armours comprise of six contact areas: two of the elbows, two on the shoulders, the chest and the back protection. The chest and the back protection are provided by a chest and back armour.

This can be sufficed not just with an armour set but also with an effective motorcycle riding jacket as well. You can invest in that. It provides not just impact protection, twist protection but also abrasion protection which means when you are going from off-road to on-road and you have a slide over there it will save you over there.


Gloves are a must! There are two impact points, one is the knuckle area and the second is the palm area. The palm area is the most important one because this is the first point of contact,  as soon as you drop your motorcycle or you have a fall. It is important to have the sliding functionality so that you could

slide and dissipate the energy across. 


Having said everything about other riding gear I think the most important thing is the helmet. So please make sure that you invest in a good motorcycling helmet be it adventure riding, touring or even road riding. At the end of the day, the helmet saves lives!

Neck Brace (Optional)

Then comes the optional part which is the neck brace. We have seen a lot of injuries of people where they have had head rotation movement or even head extension movement,  where they have been able to survive because they were wearing neck braces. So, I think it’s a good idea to invest in a neck brace in a long run to elongate your motorcycling ride for the fun. 

Please share your comments your questions in the comment section below. I would love to answer them and would love to get more ideas on what kind of questions and what kind of content that I can come up with for you guys in the videos coming soon also share this video with your friends 

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