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BLACKTEA Motorbikes – Electric Adventure Moped

The Electric motorbike market is growing and many bigger brands are doing what they ought to do. but this time a new company is doing something unique. BlackTea electric moped wants to inspire people to ride on electric two-wheelers. They want to rethink urban transportation and explore the environment in a completely new way.

The BlackTea Moped can withstand rain, dirt, shallow rivers & off-road tracks. Inspired by the open-source idea of the IT industry we will develop a manual and a video series for the BlackTea Moped. This will allow everyone to repair their moped without an existing workshop network and design it to their own taste.


  • 80 km/h top speed. 70 km range.
  • High-performance hub motor. Maintenance-free. 
  • Storage for two batteries. Easy removable.
  • Designed for two passengers. Street legal.  
  • Simple customization. Manual for repairs.

The BlackTea Moped is street legal in the US & EU. It is equipped with two mirrors, indicator lights, reflectors, fenders, license plate carrier, a horn & an LCD display.

The first model, BlackTea Moped, is inspired by 70’s Scramblers to offer optimal handling both on streets & gravel roads making it a real adventure machine.

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