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Brummell – Blazer Meant For Motorcyclists

Bikers are the most endangered species on the roads. That is why the first rule of motorcycling is ATGATT (all the gear all the time) Which is why Brummell announces the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Brummell: The world’s first blazer for motorcyclists. Brummell blazer is designed and engineered for dual functionality, making it suitable for riding and business meetings.

Some ride in a suit unprotected, while others carry a blazer in their backpack, which is an unnecessary difficulty. They also leave blazers at work which is inconvenient. Brummell was created to solve these problems by bringing both protection and an elegant look for the rider.

The Brummell Blazer is reinforced with premium Swiss-made protective fabric that incorporates DuPont Kevlar fibres, making it highly abrasion-resistant. They will keep the rider safe during an accident.

One fancy button won’t hold the blazer during a slide. That is why a proprietary fastening mechanism with YKK zippers is incorporated to ensure that the Brummell Blazer stays on to protect the rider’s body no matter what. A removable windproof gilet protects the rider’s chest and neck against cold winds.

Brummell is launching on May 12th on Kickstarter.