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5 Tips For Safer Monsoon Season Motorcycle Rides

A cycle or motorcycle ride during the monsoon is what pleasant dreams are made of. Adventurous, refreshing, and a much-needed downtime, be it solo or with your close buddies. However, it is necessary to be extremely careful. While keeping a few things in check before you set out on your exciting adventure. No, we aren’t talking about star-marking tea stalls that fall on your route on the map. Let’s discuss a few bigger aspects of what we should keep in mind to have a safe motorcycle riding experience in the monsoon. 

Get The Required Repairs Done Before You Ride

Servicing — just like how our body needs about 8 hours of sleep, and our digital devices need an adequate amount of charging now and then, our bikes need servicing too. While it may not be as often as our body needs sleep or your iPhone needs a quick charge, it is still essential. Why? Let’s assume you haven’t taken out your bike in a while (well, thanks Lockdown!), so you have no idea about your tyre health for a year. It’s ideal to run a service check done before you head out on your much-awaited sweet road trip.

If your tyres are old, the chances are that you may skid and injure yourself and others on the wet roads. Moreover, it is advisable to check your tyre pressure — which is always different in different terrains and weather conditions. Also, attaching a decent LED light in the front of your bike so you can see the road ahead without any deterrent is a good idea.

Get Essential Safety Gears For Yourself 

Now, this goes without saying that having excellent and safe riding gear for yourself is just as important as the first point. Things like a best quality motorcycle riding jacket, a pair of waterproof boots (so you have dry feet and are comfortable), a pair of polaroid sunglasses that come with UVA+UVB coating are mandatory. As for helmets, avoid using dark or tinted visors on your helmet while riding in the rain for less gloomy visibility while riding. 

Practice Braking Techniques Before The Ride

Wet roads mean less traction on roads. Keep this in mind when you set off on your adventure. Avoid applying hard or sudden brakes or steering your bike in quick and rapid motions. As compared to riding in dry weather conditions when riders apply the front brakes during monsoon, it is advisable to pull both the front and rear brakes together. 

Follow Traffic Rules

No one on the roads ahead of you or empty stretches doesn’t mean you can get away by flouting the traffic rules. They’re there for a reason. Observe the traffic lights and maintain speed limits for your own safety’s sake. Stay on the left and give way to heavy truckers on the right. Ensure that you are not honking needlessly and only doing so when required. 

Maintain Safe (Social) Distance

Last but not least, maintain a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles. Now, more so than ever. Now that we have shared our tips to keep in mind while riding your motorcycle in the rain, be sure to follow them and have a safe riding experience. 

So let us know if we have missed out on anything?