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Review: Must Have Motorcycle Boots: ROAME Zero

Guys we found this amazing boots on Kickstarter today and we felt that they are one of the best things to happen to motorcycle industry. Meet the ROAME ZERO. First motorcycle shoe that is both safe and comfortable. Combining tech for impact protection, electronics, and abrasion resistance.

The ROAME Zeros are a fusion of safety and fashion. An emphasis on a casual look, increased comfort, and hidden technology set the Zeros apart from all motorcycle shoes that have come before it. The fact that most of the safety features are hidden was one of the reasons why we called these shoes the “Zeros”. When it comes to developing our product, we made Zero compromises. Finally, total freedom! You don’t have to choose between safety and comfort anymore.

We feel you should be able to be free of constraints when it comes to motorcycle footwear. The Zeros are a high top shoe that blurs the lines between performance and casual wear. These lightweight shoes are designed for all-day riding comfort and performance without cutting corners.

Have a look on how they operate

You can get them on Indiegogo and Kickstarter

I would love to have the ROAME Zero with me to give you a detailed review.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Must Have Motorcycle Boots: ROAME Zero

  1. The Orazo Picus looks better than this. I have been using these boots for 3 years and they are the most VFM boots in the Indian market in my opinion. Other than track usage, for touring and daily wear, these boots offer the best feature at the most attractive price. Just my thought.

    1. Hi Vishvam, Orazo might look better and value for money but these boots definitely and is definitely VFM but the kind of protection that ROAME provide would be more than the basic alpinestars that various private trackdays provide.

      1. Hey, these Roame boots are for $249 which is equal to ?16000. These are more expensive than the basic alpinestars. the Orazo picus that I have been using is for Rs.4225 (about $65).The Orazo boots have anti-slip sole, steel toe protection, ankle protection which is not present in the Roame Zero. I don’t think this is a VFM product.

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