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12 do’s and don’ts for a long ride on the bike

The fire of adventure never dies; we always look for new challenges. Combined with the dream of seeing everything, this sense of experience can make you do wonders. With rallies and shows organized all around the world, you want to ride on your bike all over the country, you can. Traveling on a motorcycle on a long-distance can be an adventurous and memorable journey which you must experience at least once in your life. Pick up your bike and get ready for a trip across the country, through the countryside to different states. Let the engine roar and explore the beauty hidden on the unexplored path of your country.

But before departing for this adventurous journey, make sure to look at the essential aspects of the trip. Look for the dos and don’ts for the long journey.

Do’s for a long ride

  1. Choose an appropriate bike: – Every bike has a different style and function; some are designed for speed, some for off roads, and some for long travels. Select your motorcycle wisely; you would not want an uncomfortable journey because of your bike. Motorcycle brands like Honda and Harley Davidson are the top contenders in producing bikes for such things. You can usually spot a 100,000 mile on the odometer, and they mean it.
  2. Make a journey plan: – Impromptu plans may sound fun in the initial stages, but they are not. Imagine yourself stuck in an unknown town hundred of a mile away from your home. Horrifying right, that’s why the planning of the journey and your routes is a must. Use GPS and weather apps to plan your routes, pit stops, gas stations, and, most important, your resting places.
  3. Proper bike maintenance: – You would not want to get stuck in a strange town because your bike broke down. To save yourself from this scenario, make sure your bike is in perfect condition and can smoothly make it through the long journey.
  4. Tie your luggage properly: – While on a long ride, loosely tied luggage could be a horrifying situation which can lead to even accidents. To protect yourself from such conditions, use specialized gears like Rok straps. These are straightforward buckles use to provide extra support to your luggage.
  5. Carry essential accessories: – Your comfort is quite necessary on a long trip. To ensure your convenience make sure to install additional accessories on your bike. You can add different accessories like padded grips, form seat cover, backrest, etc. These things will help you maintain a comfortable posture during the ride. There are many other additional gears you can check and carry with you to make it a smooth adventure.
  6. Eat healthy: – Staying healthy while your whole journey is a must to enjoy your trip. To make sure of that, you must stick to your regular diet plan and try to have your meals at the designated time. You can go a little off the diet plan, though, but make sure you don’t consume something very heavy and eat at the right places only.

Don’t for a long trip

  1. Drink and drive: – Never drive under the influence of any intoxicating substance. Most of the road accidents occur because of substance abuse. You are there to enjoy, not to be in a hospital. Stop somewhere if you have even a little amount of alcohol or something else.
  2. Over-speeding: – Never push the speed limit. This adventurous journey is more like a marathon than a sprint; it is ok if you lose an hour or two in a day. But over-speeding and getting pulled over can make you lose even more time. Or in worse scenarios, you can meet with an accident, which is not a good scenario.
  3. Over-stress: – Riding too much without taking proper rest can become dangerous for you and others on the road. Remember to take appropriate breaks at regular intervals. Stop for some snacks, admire the local scenery, or visit local historical places. There is so much to do on the journey, don’t rush for the destination, enjoy the trip.
  4. Ride in lousy weather: – Storms, rain, and strong winds can make it difficult for you to stay on the road for a long time. Rain reduces friction on the roads and reduces visibility; it is recommended to stop at the time of adverse weather conditions. It’s ok if you lose some of your time. Better late than never.
  5. Tailgate other riders: – It is must that you maintain a proper distance with the rider in front of you on the road. It gives you adequate time to stop or to dodge obstacles in front of you. It also prevents you from giving too much stress on brakes and engines.
  6. Use cell phone: – No matter how important, never use a cell phone while driving especially on a long journey. This little lousiness can be quite harmful to you as well as people driving around you on the road. If you need to use your cell phone, stop your bike and then use your phone. And if you need to use your phone for directions, use a phone holder for your bike.


Following the tips, as mentioned above, can make your adventure something you will remember for ages. Just take every precaution you could to keep yourself healthy and safe. Take care of yourself and others riding on the road. Be a responsible rider, and enjoy this adventure.