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A Beginner’s Guide to Motorcycle Riding Jacket

What started as a biker’s necessity now has become a style statement. Yes, we are talking about a motorcycle riding jacket. Remember Marlon Brando, ‘The Wild One’ who sported a cool jacket as a gang leader in the movie, and made it famous to date? It has been 93 years since it was first invented. You read that right; Irving Schott ‘invented’ the motorcycle jacket back in 1928.

In 2021, motorcycle riding jackets are loved and cherished by bikers and hijacked by Hollywood and Bollywood as an essential prop in various action scenes. Now that we know a little bit of the history behind the riding jacket, let’s get into the necessary things to keep in mind when choosing the right one.


Today, motorcycle riding jackets go through multiple destruction testings to determine their safety. These tests include abrasion resistance, impact resistance (having a shock-absorbent EPVA foam back protector helps!). They come with safety labels, which could be either CE or AS marks. So, if you see one in your jacket, know that you’re safe. Additionally, the convertible jacket also comes with two pockets — this means you can install armours if needed. 

Leather vs Synthetic

The biker jacket should absolutely be comfortable, fitting yet breathable, soft and, of course, waterproof. A good quality biker jacket made of leather should easily last a biker a lifetime, despite all the hard wear. Moreover, a biker jacket should come with a full mesh in areas where you need ventilation; an all-weather jacket is appealing to riders.

Looking for that perfectly comfortable motorcycle jacket, which checks all the above requirements? Try Ulka Gear’s range.

You may ask, is leather in 2021 a viable option? We say yes! As compared to synthetic rider jackets otherwise found in the market in good numbers, leather jackets won’t burn easily and last you much longer.

Look for quality over cost when it comes to riding jackets. Sure, you may find cheaper options available at your nearest departmental store or fitness store… but will it last you long? We doubt!


Nobody likes way too many zips. They’re uncomfortable, and to be honest, quite unnecessary. But what if we tell you we have an option that ONE zip can convert your jacket into a backpack? Unbelievable? Check it for yourself here.

Rider Jacket Size

It is a necessity that your rider jacket is true to fit. If your newly purchased leather motorcycle jacket does not fit you to the T, don’t worry, it will, over time. Avoid buying larger to fit layers. A Hakkit motorcycle jacket comes in five different sizes (from small to XXL) to cater to your needs.

Now that the requirements are out there for you to read, if you’re still confused about choosing the right motorcycle jacket, check out Hakkit Motorcycle Riding Jacket, which doubles up as a convertible jacket to backpack.