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3 Tips To Take Care Of Leather Riding Jacket

Leather jackets are an iconic fashion statement for good reason! They are trendy, give the aura of natural ruggedness and, just like wine, get better with age. This is why a leather motorcycle riding jacket is such a popular option among regular motorcyclists. However, it is very important to take out time to care for your leather jacket by cleaning it properly from time to time. Without proper care, the leather tends to lose its colour as well as becomes stiff and brittle. This results in not just a bad-looking motorcycle jacket but also an uncomfortable one.

Here are certain tips and tricks to keep your leather jacket as shiny and as new as it first arrived!

1. Clean the inside:

Most leather riding jackets include a removable liner that can be washed straight away in a washing machine. However, if it is not machine washable, drying it out in the sun is the best option. It is best to let it air dry in the sun to help remove any unwanted odours, especially after long use. In fact, after every ride, it’s good to let your leather riding jacket air out as a rule and not just put it back in the closet. 

2. Clean the outside:

The next step involves using a clean microfibre cloth and some leather shampoo that will help get all the dirt or grime out easily. While textile gear can be simply put in a soapy water tub and left for a couple of hours to let it clean itself, a leather riding jacket is different and requires time and patience to clean off the external surface.

3. Conditioning:

This step is very important, but one that most people do not pay much attention to. This ensures that your leather is moisturised, which allows for smooth movement and an easy stretch. While most leather jackets brands sell a complimentary conditioner, a  leather conditioner that is used to keep one’s couches or car seats moisturised also makes for a good alternative. Again, a clean microfibre cloth should be used to apply conditioner to your leather jacket and allow the leather gear to stay that way for some time to help the conditioner get absorbed.

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind:

Here are some general guidelines to maintain your leather jacket:

  • Keep it dry: Keep your leather jacket dry at all times; if it gets wet in the rain, make sure it is dried out before putting it away.
  • Hang it properly: Leather jackets cannot be kept folded away, as it leads to creases and cracks in the leather. Instead, hang it on a hanger inside a closet that is well-ventilated.
  • No heat: Never lay the jacket near a radiator or a heating vent or iron or steam it yourself.
  • Leather conditioner: Using a quality leather conditioner will help prolong its life.
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The above tips and tricks should do you good and leave your leather jacket feeling spic and span! For better results, get your leather jacket cleaned by a professional cleaner at least once a year. Care for your leather jacket well to increase its longevity, and it will care back for you!