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Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 5000! – 2021

When buying protective gear for your motorcycle, one of the first products on your checklist should be a motorcycle helmet and a riding jacket that provides you with the right amount of security. Road accidents and crashes are among the major reasons for deaths on the road, making protective helmets one of the vital elements of a safe road journey. However, with the wide variety of helmets available in the market today with different sizes, quality, safety standards, features etc., it can be confusing to pick one. Also, a good helmet is not just one that provides the safest riding experience but also one that fits right into your budget. Here is a roundup of some of the best motorcycle helmets under Rs.5000 that will not put a dent in your pocket and also convince you of their quality.

SMK GL163 Twister Captain Graphics Pinlock Helmet:

This helmet from SMK is a great buy for riders looking for an excellent build quality along with a stylish look under Rs. 5000. With external shell protection of Aerodynamic and excellent ventilation options, the inner cloth materials of the helmet are entirely removable and washable. It provides the best protection against wind due to its heavyweight of around 2.24 kgs. The helmet is designed to protect the rider in case of accidents with its dual shell moulding protection and is available in all sizes ranging from extra small to extra large.

AXOR Apex Venomous Black Neon Green Helmet:

Another very good helmet option, the AXOR helmet, comes with some of the best safety features like an EPS liner and a chinstrap to keep the helmet in place. They are also fitted with rear-end cushion reflectors to give the rider a comfortable riding experience. Multiple ventilation points, integrated spoilers, and a tough polycarbonate material make this one of the best helmets in this range.

SMK Force Steel GI100 Uni Colour Helmet:

Designed especially for sports bikes, this SMK helmet is very attractive and one of the best sports helmets available in the market under Rs.5000. It comes with fog resistance technology which is patented, allowing the rider maximum visibility during cold winter days. There is also a vent near the chin area to let in fresh air to breathe properly and a hot air exhaust to shove out any air that may be accumulated within the helmet. The inner part of the helmet comes with padding that is hypoallergenic, as well as removable and washable.

Shiro SH-600 Full Face Helmet:

One of the finest-looking products, the Shiro SH-600 Full Face Helmet, comes with every feature that a rider may be looking for. It comes with an ergonomic shape that keeps cervical fatigue at bay. An Aerodynamic external shell that is moulded with Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic makes it a very durable helmet. It also has four air vents and breathable inner fabric, which helps keep the rider cool during summers.

A helmet is of paramount importance when riding a bike. We hope the above list of some of the best helmets under Rs.5000 will help you find the helmet of your choice.