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4 Motorbike Technology Upgradation

Motorbike companies are always on the cutting edge of technology, allowing you to move faster, cut corners more, and ensure more safety. Riding a motorbike is an art, and it requires precise control and body positioning along with a complete focus on the road. The requirement for the motorbike to be exact is the primary differentiating factor that separates the upgrading of a motorcycle from a car.

It can be highly beneficial to perform upgrades on your motorcycle for a variety of reasons. You can improve the performance, safety features, the endurance of parts, and personalize your motorbike to reflect your personality and style by doing upgrades. The technology in motorcycles has come a long way, and modern vehicles are much safer, reliable, and easier to ride than their counterparts from a few years ago. 

There are a whole host of motorbike types, and the parts that are eligible for use in every type and model vary enormously. You will need to be familiar with the latest technology in the motorbike world for making an informed decision regarding the upgrade. If you own a motorbike and want to perform upgrades on it, then you need to be aware of the best 4 motorbike technology up-gradation through this article. 

1. Anti Lock Braking System

Anti Lock braking system is a feature in most modern motorbikes that ensures the safety of the rider while applying the brakes. The technology is on par with those in cars and the new Bosch ABS systems have specific adaptations to cater to the lighter and smaller motorbikes. An ECU or Electronically Controlled Unit monitors the revolutions of the wheels constantly and provides the feedback to make the anti-lock braking system work. 

4 Motorbike Technology Upgradation

There is a distinct possibility for the wheels of a motorbike to lock up during intense braking. This can be extremely dangerous as it can lead to the loss of control of the motorbike leading to accidents. The traction that the wheels provide also varies from surface to surface. The anti-lock braking system works by detecting the wheels locking up just before it happens and reduces the braking force on them to avoid skidding. 

Once you overcome the potential for the wheels to lock up, the system reengages the brakes with the maximum force until the next occurrence of wheels locking up. The ABS helps the rider to apply the maximum braking potential without the need to worry about the risk of the wheels locking up. Since the whole activity of the system takes place in a fraction of a second, the rider will not notice it working. 

You will only feel a faint vibration as the anti-lock braking system engages while riding the motorbike. The system ensures the safety of riders, especially the new riders learning to ride the motorbike for the first time as they may have improper riding habits. 

4 Motorbike Technology Upgradation 2

2. Engine Guards

Although engine guards are not mandatory for every kind of motorcycle, they are essential for the larger cruiser and adventure motorcycles. The function of the engine guards is to protect the engine of the motorbike in the event of an accident. The engine guard consists of a metal plate that maintains the space between the engine and the ground, thereby protecting the engine during a crash. 

Those driving a Husaberg can buy heat shields to protect the rider or passenger from hot parts such as the silencer. The engine guards have a structure that can take the brunt of the damage and will save you from expensive engine repairs. You can also use a frame slider with the engine guard for additional protection. 

3. Performance Exhaust

Installing an aftermarket exhaust is among the most popular options for improving the performance of the motorbike and also increasing the style quotient. The performance exhaust can reduce the overall weight of the motorbike and alter the exhaust sound to make it aesthetically more pleasing. It works by allowing more airflow by improving intake and reducing the restriction on the flow of gases. 

4. Heated Grips 

When you are riding over long distances at a stretch in a cold environment, the hands may become desensitized due to the drop in temperature. This can lead to a reduction in dexterity and comfort for the rider and can be potentially dangerous when you are commuting. 

Heated grips have multiple levels of heating and can automatically turn off if it detects that the battery voltage is running low. Other prominent features include built-in controls and slender shape. 


Motorbike enthusiasts are passionate and ardent lovers for the thrill and excitement of riding their machine. Riding a motorbike is an excellent way to kill stress and take your mind off things for some time. Due to the precise nature of motorcycles, it is essential to do careful introspection on every upgrade before you make them for ensuring that it does not affect the performance or safety of the motorbike. 

The bond between a motorcycle and the rider is a special one, and the abundant motorbike aftermarket sector makes it easy to source the parts necessary to make the upgrade. The parts are also much smaller than that of a car, making it easy to purchase due to the lower costs. Every motorbike enthusiast can easily perform most upgrades by themselves, making the up-gradation process extremely viable.