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Corona Warrior Bike By Rideofy – An RE With A Tribute to Corona Warriors

In these times of misery and misfortune, we have a few soldiers fighting at the frontline. These soldiers are neither clad in camouflage nor do they carry guns but they are soldiers nonetheless. These people christened Corona warriors, come in all sorts of an avatar – doctors, nurses, policemen, sanitation workers, and many more. We can never be too grateful to them for putting themselves in harm’s way to fight this dreaded pandemic.

Rideofy – a boutique custom motorcycle builder, salute these brave-hearts for their selfless services and sacrifice. As a token of their gratitude, they present the unique creation – The Corona Warrior Bike, a tribute to every corona warrior. It is just a symbolic depiction of the admiration for these unsung heroes and is not meant to be a means to an end.

Rideofy has always been very mindful of its ethos and responsibility towards society. It is an organization that has always striven to contribute to society in one way or the other. And being one of India’s premier custom motorcycle companies, a custom motorcycle as a tribute to the great cause our heroes are striving for came as a natural choice.

Apart from the message that it conveys, The Corona Warrior Bike is a fully loaded, high-end custom motorcycle with top-notch design features and class-A finishing and details that Rideofy is associated with. This is a product of our in-house state of the art technology and infrastructure starting from a computer-aided 3D design process to seamless welding and high-end engineering brought about by our highly trained technicians.

Broadly, the main features of The Corona Warrior Bike are as below:

  1. 300mm rear tire with custom made rim, swingarm, and fittings
  2. 110mm front tire
  3. Extended front forks with special suspension covers
  4. Custom made fuel tank with an inbuilt chrome meter panel
  5. Custom made side panels with an integrated and extended air filter
  6. Dual exhaust system
  7. Extended cruising footrests and pedals assembly
  8. Custom made Harley style alloy wheels
  9. Fully loaded with high-end accessories like custom number plates, tail-lamp, headlight, handlebar, seat, indicators, and more
  10. A unique textured dual-tone paint job

Though the above is just the structural and aesthetic changes, the real essence of this motorcycle lies in the small details relevant to the theme, like the sanitizer bottle holders, the corona warrior flag proudly mounted on the custom made flag poles, and the rear seat plate assembly along with India’s flag and most importantly all the messages and slogans depicted all over the motorcycle in the form of texts and artworks.

We hope this bike inspires the warriors it is meant for and brings a smile to everyone who comes across it. We also hope we all endure, fight back, and survive these cursed times and step into a new future – a new beginning!