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GS Trophy – A marshal’s story – The equipment

The gear to protect you from the forces.

GS Trophy – A marshal’s story – The equipment 1

International GS Trophy’s important aspect is the long daily rides along with weaved tasks and special stages. To overcome these with safety and comfort, all riders were provided with robust protective wear as well as space-saving equipment from the sponsors – Rab and Leatt.

On the bike equipment:

  1. Rally competition suit – Jacket and Pant
  2. Neckbrace – by Leatt
  3. Enduro Goggles
  4. Back and chest protector vest
  5. Drink pack hydra – 2
  6. Summer functional socks
  7. I was personally riding along with a Leatt C-frame knee brace to prevent lateral and sudden movements if they happen. Bought it from Lazy Ass bikers
  8. All-weather skin fit wear – upper and lower
  9. Balaclava
  10. Rallye gloves
  11. Sena 50R

Leisure equipment from RAB and Lowe Alpine:

  1. Kitbag – 120 L
  2. Lowe Pioneer backpack – 26 L
  3. Toiletry bag
  4. Sleeping pillow
  5. Ignition 3 sleeping bag
  6. Thermarest sleeping pad
  7. Kinetic Plus jacket
  8. Journey pull-on hoody
  9. Tent
  10. Coleman headlight
  11. One-touch cap
  12. Rab wither fleece cap
  13. Rab pants
  14. GS trophy T-shirts – 2

There were few additional pieces of equipment that the marshals got:

  1. Rab thermal jacket
  2. Chequered shirt
  3. Rab shorts
  4. BMW Motorrad GS pro carbon helmet

These equipment comprise the core of what we as marshals were going through. Along with this, we had to carry a few more things for us and our participant’s safety.

  1. BMW Motorrad soft luggage – tail rack
  2. Satellite phone
  3. Spot tracker
  4. Navigator 6 GPS
  5. Backup navigator 6
  6. Toolkit
  7. Puncture repair kit
  8. High-viz Hazard vest

All of this was so much packing and unpacking that we all had to do every day. But trust me the value of this equipment was understood by us when we saw how they save us from the weather as well as unknown motorcycling circumstances.


These are the essentials that are provided by BMW Motorrad during the Trophy as they are durable and protective clothing that you can get for all four seasons. Although the Rally Jacket carries its Level-2 back protector. I chose to remove that and wore the chest and back protector separately. It not just protect from the impact but also creates a layer of insulation for cold-weather riding.

For my knee protection, I wear the C-Frame knee brace. I have removed the standard knee guard that it comes with and I retained the Level-2 knee guard of the rally pants. This gives me full protection of rotational forces as well as an all-round impact. I had received the confirmation as a marshal from Enduropark Andalusia team in August and the sizing and equipment fitting was shared at that time itself. However, in the next 4 months, I had lost over 10 kilograms of body weight. So now the riding gear became one size larger for me, as a result, I carry a suspender for my pants so that they stay in the right position 😀

As for the Neckbrace you need to remember, if you are not using the correct adjustment setting, it will hinder you. and to help us with the same, Todd Repsher from Leatt was at the basecamp and riding with us to make it work.

Big help

One big savior was the Sena 50 R. It comes with the latest Mesh 2.0 technology which makes group riding within the range so amazing. As a marshal, because I was riding always at the front and my participants at the back used to get all of my dust hence they either couldn’t see the road ahead or had to keep a dust gap. But with the Sena 50 R, I was able to tell them in advance that there is an incoming vehicle and they can be assured of the same. Also, the best thing about the Sena was that it was also connected with my satellite phone with a Bluetooth adapter and I was always connected. Since it is always on, it also has a drawback as it drains a lot of battery from the Sena. But to counter this Sena had provided additional power banks that were waterproof and could be charged on the go with a charging unit that was connected inside my jacket. Thanks to Mir Ko for setting it up perfectly for all 140 of us ;D

How did you like this part of my story? I would now be writing about my job as a marshal at the GS Trophy in the next part. Keep reading.