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House On An Auto – Meet Arun Prabhu From Tamil Nadu

Arun Prabhu is the one who has shocked everyone by building a wonderful house on auto rickshaw.

A small house… that too on auto rickshaw. Can’t believe it? So do it…

Because this auto rickshaw’s 36 sq ft space has not only a bedroom, living room, kitchen, toilet, bathtub, and workspace, but a 250-liter water tank for water.

600 watts solar panels, batteries, cupboards, hangers, doors, and staircase for drying outside.

It is called ‘Solo 0.1’, which is prepared by 23-year-old Arun Prabhu from Chennai in just one lakh rupees.

Arun was doing research in the slum area of Mumbai and Chennai in 2019 Where he noticed that it costs about 4 to 5 lakh rupees to build a hut, with no necessary facilities like a toilet.

That’s why they made ‘ Solo 0.1 ‘ in just 1 lakh rupees and found out the problem.

Arun made ‘Solo 0.1’ from old three-wheeler and recycled items, equipped with a solar battery.

Arun believes this house built at a cost of 1 lakhs is for two adults. It took them five months to build, aiming to provide a temporary home to laborers, homeless and small shopkeepers at a low price.

Arun is a resident of Paramathi Vellore in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, who turned the second hand Bajaj Eye three-wheeler pickup into a home and made the ‘concept home on wheels project’ a reality.

They have created this beautiful thing by joining Bangalore’s design and architect company Billboard, which the public doesn’t get tired of praising.