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Husqvarna Vektorr concept electric scooter unveiled

Husqvarna has now showcased a concept electric scooter – Vektorr. This shows how their future EV would look like. As speculated that the platform is based on the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter, the Husqvarna Vektorr concept brings its own, unique flavour.

The concept 

The Husqvarna Vektorr concept scooter has been showcased within days of the unveiling of e-pilen electric motorcycle and features a design language that’s similar to the Husqvarnas.

The front end, gets a typical Husqvarna round LED headlamp which gives a retro-modern look to the design. The body panels, including the rounded edges and creases as well as the beak-like tail section, highlights Husqvarna’s approach towards simple yet attractive designs. The white and black colour combination, with a lick of bright yellow, is neatly executed.

However, whether this design, or the extra-long single piece seat makes it to the production variant remains to be seen.


As per Husqvarna, the Vektorr concept is powered by a 4kW motor that can drive the scooter to 45kph, while the battery range is 95km.

Production & launch 

Husqvarna is expected to launch the production variant of the Vektorr in 2022. The scooter will be manufactured at Bajaj’s factory, as part of the Bajaj-Pierer Mobility plan. Bajaj, for the uninitiated, holds a stake in Pierer Mobility, part of the KTM group and they recently announced plans to become the world leader in the 4 to 11 kW electric two-wheeler space.

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