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List of Four-wheel racing Academies in India

Jehan Daruvala (IND), Carlin Dallara F317 Volkswagen

Motorsports is one of the most sought after passion by all automotive enthusiasts who want to push a little more from their cars. Which is why we have put together the complete list of all four-wheel racing academies in India.

You can enroll in any of these academies and once qualified, you can start professional racing.

Along with enrolment, you would also need to obtain a racing license. You can get your racing license from here

Racing academies

AHURA Racing Academy
Name: Mr. Sarosh Hataria
Phone: +91 9344445224
Email:   info@ahuraracing.com
Website : https://ahuraracing.com
Alisha Racing (Chennai) 
Name: Alisha Abdullah 
Phone: +919884844207
Email: alishaabdullah24@gmail.com  
Website: www.alishaabdullahracingacademy.com
Arka Motorsports Academy (Coimbatore)
Name: Mr. Karna Kadur / Mr. N Leelakrishnan
Phone: +91 98457 90608
Email: karna@arkamotorsports.com / lk@arkamotorsports.com
AVALANCHE MOTORSPORTS (Bangalore, Karnataka)
Name:  Fazal Khan
Phone: 080-41235386, 99869197479844040747
Email: contact@avalancheracing.inavalanchemotorsports@gmail.com
Dark Don Racing (Chennai)
Name: Afsar Riyaz  E
Phone: +914428257481 / +919840363636
Email: info@darkdon.com  /    contact@darkdon.com 
Phone: 04884227196, 7666666637
Email: dtsracingindia@gmail.com
Hasten Performance Pvt. Ltd.
Name: Parasuram S
Phone: +91 9841046090
Email:  hastenperformance@gmail.com
J A Motorsports Racing Academy (Coimbatore, Tamilnadu)
Name: Farad Bhathena
Phone: +919821118487
Email: farad@jamotorsport.com
Leapfrog Racing (New Delhi, NCR)
Name: Rohit Khanna
Phone: +91 9711933733
Email: rohitkhanna1912@gmail.com
Meco Racing Academy (Chennai)
Name:  Fayaz Abdul
Phone:  +919094003363 / 04428364115 / 4116
Email:  fayaz@mecomotorsports.com and contact@mecomotorsports.com
MoMa Motorsport Management (Chennai)
Name: Vicky Chandhok / Prabha Shankar
Phone: +919841095999/+919840288855
Email: vicky@wallacesports.com / prabha@moma.ms
Momentum School of Advance Racing (Chennai, Tamilnadu)
Name: Rasheed Khan
Mobile: +919551281111
Email: support@momentummotorsports.in
Prudent Motorsports (Kolkata/Bangalore)
Name: Sunip Choudhury
Phone: +91-9674306848
Email: sunipchoudhury@gmail.com
Website: www.prudentmotorsports.com
Race Concepts Motorsport Advanced Racing Academy( Bangalore)
Name: Varun Anekar
Phone: +91 9686970925
Email: varun@raceconcepts.in
Website: www.raceconcepts.in
Wallace Sports & Research Foundation (Chennai)
Name: S. Sivasubramanian / Vicky Chandhok
Phone: +91 9841464083/+919841095999
Email: admin@wallacesports.com and vicky@wallacesports.com

Racing doesn’t just come with the will to race but a lot of practice and lots of struggle of failure. This is the reason these academies organize the pieces of training as well as track days to up your game.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to them now and get your motor running!

Source – FMSCI