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Mosko Moto Nomax Tank Bag Showcase

Today we’re talking about the new Mosko Moto Nomax tank bag this is the updated Nomad tank bag. We’ll talk about some new updated feature as well as some general features of the nomax tank bag. The nomax tank bag is a vertically organized tank bag. It quickly transitions into a backpack. 

The body is made with an 800d ballistic nylon. Let’s start with the expandable beaver tail. This beavertail does have a molle panel on top. This is a new die-cut Hypalon molly panel great for adding accessories like a map pocket or our cell phone pocket. You can easily add extra accessories and expand your tank bag as needed as you can. The beavertail is secured with two buckles up top. With the beavertail, you can easily expand your tank bag and it’s a great place to quickly stash gear.

An update throughout the nomax tank bag is this interior mesh has been beefed up. There are a few different organization pockets within the beavertail including a place to keep an emergency device like an inreach or a spot. It’s a quick and easy place to keep that device so you can easily access it if you need to in an emergency. There’s also a carabiner inside the beavertail to secure important items there. 

Moving on to the next layer you can see again that there are a ton of interior pockets for smaller items that you need to keep organized and secure. Another update with the nomax tank bag is this larger fleece-lined glasses pocket. Now there is a special tool on the zipper of the glasses pocket that’s actually an sd card tool which comes in handy when you’re travelling abroad.

The next layer is a little bit larger of a pocket here and you can lays back nicely into your lap you have a main zipper compartment on this side as well as a zipper compartment on this side and then some extra room to stash a jacket or something that’s a little bit larger. In this main compartment you do have a cable pass-through for charging. You also have a contact stash this is great for people that need to take extra contacts with them. When you’re riding it velcros in so you know it’s secure and it keeps them upright as well.

The hydration system taking the weight of hydration off of your back and putting it into the tank bag is awesome. The nomax tank bag comes with a 2-liter hydration system and this system has been redesigned so it’s now a top loading system. The zipper is nice and big and it’s easy to get your hydration in and out when your bag is fully loaded. Mosko Moto called the system – HHMS. This is a hydration hose management system and it keeps your hose nicely in place while you’re riding it’s also easy to grab a quick drink on the go 

There are more features of this motorcycle travel bag and it creates a very unique way of space and travel management.


  1. 2.0L Hydration reservoir w/ insulated hose
  2. Beavertail stash spot
  3. Quick-release mounting system
  4. 6 layers of the vertical organization (features hidden inside!)
  5. MOLLE expandability
  6. External beacon pocket (inReach or Spot)
  7. HHMS (hydration hose mgmt. system)
  8. Fleece-lined sunglasses pocket
  9. Cable pass-through port (charging!)
  10. D-rings for connecting backpack straps

Currently it is sold out but you can be notified.

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