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Why should we wear Riding Gear?

Currently, the motorcycling culture is booming in India. Especially, a lot of youngsters are very passionate about motorcycling. When it comes to the topic of motorcycling, definitely we should talk about riding gears. 

Most of us might have met with a minor accident on our motorcycle. While some falls left us with small scratches, some left us with big or lifelong scratches compelling us to think ‘wish I had riding gear on’.

The below familiar image illustrates the importance of riding gears in a well-understood manner. 

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Riding gear makes you feel safer while out on the open roads with your beloved motorcycle, but there are other ways it helps too. Good motorcycle gear helps protect you from sun, rain, wind, noise, and debris. It is designed for more than just crash protection: it is your second skin and protects you from sunburn, deafness from the wind, and anything that is flying through the air.


Most Indian motorcycle riders know the importance of wearing a helmet just to escape from cop and fines. So, the people are purchasing low-quality cheap roadside shop helmets which even does not helps to protect from wind blast. The human head and brain are very delicate and require as much protection as possible. So, it is better to invest in some good quality ISI, DOT-certified full-face helmets, instead of spending more money on hospitalization after head injury.

Riding jacket

The spine ranks as important as the brain, making a riding jacket with a back protector the second most important piece of riding gear. A riding jacket instead of a tee or shirt is immensely helpful in more ways than one. Firstly, it makes you look cool. Secondly, due to its construction, design, and purpose, it is a heavier piece of apparel to wear than regular tees. The armor present inside the jacket and its many adjustable cinches enable you to tighten it around your body. A tight-fitting jacket won’t flap around in the wind, shielding you from windblast on the chest as well as noisy distractions while riding and in case of an impact will not move away from the impact point.

Ulka gear
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If you have ever ridden at high speeds wearing just a shirt or tee you will have noticed these clothes ride up your back and flap violently. Even worse, the shirt’s collar is buffeted by wind and ends up slapping against the side of your face. Wouldn’t you rather avoid it by wearing a tight-fitting jacket?

Riding pants

Regular denim jeans will not protect you from a motorcycle accident. Cotton has less than a quarter of the abrasion resistance of leather or good textile riding pants. 

Generally, textile riding pants are made from Cordura, which is the brand name for a highly abrasion resistant type of nylon/polyester fabric. Jeans that include Kevlar (Kevlar is a brand and fabric is Aramid) panels offer more abrasion resistance, but are still a compromise, offering nothing like the protection of a true pair of riding pants.

Some people say let us buy Knee guard instead of riding pants. It is a smart idea, isn’t it? But knee guard does not offer you complete protection compared with riding pants. 


The riding glove is a lot more important than most riders think. Not only do gloves protect the hands from scrapes in case of a fall, but they also come in super handy, while riding in rains when water drops feel like bullets on the bare knuckles, and in very cold conditions when the wind chill turns the hands numb. Gloves also protect the hands from flying pebbles and dirt that could possibly cause infections if they pierce the skin. In all these cases gloves help you get comfortable on the ride and go the extra mile.

People think that their Ankle length type/safety shoe type shoes are perfect as riding gear. Completely wrong assumption. Riding boots will usually have a toe, ankle, and shin protection. Riding boots are designed to protect you from hot exhaust pipes, the tires, rocks, and the vehicle itself as it tries to grind you into the ground.

Safety is indeed what riding boots were built for, but they also improve your riding experience. If you are in tune with your motorcycle, you can gauge its present situation just by getting a feel for vibrations that transmit through the foot pegs. Riding boots eliminate unnecessary vibes, only allowing you to feel what the bike’s mechanicals are up to through the pegs.

Your feet need protection from both weather and terrain on a ride over the badlands. Riding boots serve the purpose, while also making you look very attractive. 

It cannot be stressed enough just how important riding gears are. They obviously make you safer on a motorcycle. Spend enough time wearing them and you will realize that they enhance your riding experience.