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Shahnawaz Karim (Shane) – Founder

Shahnawaz Karim National Champion
Shahnawaz Karim National Champion
  • I started participating in motorsports with Formula Maruti Races. Later, I moved to motorcycle racing, participating in TVS, and then Yamaha One make races. I have also raced for the Yamaha Factory team at MMSC Race track and KTM races @Buddh International Circuit. I have also participated in various off-road FMSCI-certified events like speed sprint, Cougar Motorsports rally and private off-road track days.
  • Awarded amongst the top 3 fastest motorcycle riders in India under 600 CC category in 2013. Ranked 4th overall in Yamaha one make races
  • I organize private training to riders venturing into adventure motorcycling on private off-roading tracks across the world.
  • BMW Motorrad Certified Adventure riding instructor

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