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Bridgestone Announces New Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 Tire

Bridgestone has released new rubber for riders who spend the majority of their time on the pavement. The Battlax Adventure Trail AT41, which is 80% road and 20% off-road, joins the company’s existing Battlax A41 and AX41 models in their inventory.

The new Bridgestone tire combines robust qualities with a touring compound to deliver excellent dry performance as well as improved grip, traction, and braking in wet weather, according to Bridgestone. The tire’s optimized groove design is supposed to do this, which combines greater average groove volumes and a more uniform groove ratio in the contact region, resulting in improved water drainage.

With the addition of the AT41, Now Bridgestone’s range of Battlax Tires covers most of the motorcycles in the Adventure segment.

The AT41 also delivers improved stability, according to the firm, because of the new pattern’s optimized belt design.
Although Bridgestone doesn’t say how much mileage the new AT41s will receive, the touring compound – which includes 3LC (Dual Compound) on the back – has been designed to last in all weather conditions. Furthermore, the tire’s unique block shape aids in reducing partial shoulder wear.

Bridgestone Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 motorcycle tire Bridgestone’s latest adventure tire, the Battlax Adventure Trail AT41, will be available in nine sizes (4 front and 5 rear) starting in February 2022, all with M+S marks (approved for mud and snow).