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Training is an essential part of adventure riding. You ride more, you learn more, and then you become better.

The Adventure Course is a certified BMW Motorrad Enduro Training program designed for riders looking to gain a new set of riding techniques.

  • Want to try adventure riding but don’t know where to begin?
  • Want to discover the secret to where the other 30% of your 70/30 tires want?
  • Want to know what’s down that one rocky road you’ve been avoiding?

We are proud to announce our next set of adventure clinics with Shahnawaz Karim

About Shahnawaz Karim

Shahnawaz Karim is an IIA Certified Instructor from Germany and Spain. He has been a BMW Motorrad GS Trophy marshal in New Zealand in 2020 and Albania in 2022.

Shahnawaz has been a national champion in circuit racing with TVS Racing and has been trained by Supermoto Hall of Fame Bernd Hiemer.

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What’s With the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Marshal?

Adventure Riding Clinic Level 1 (Basics)

What is this? – The Level 1 Adventure Riding Clinic is designed for riders who want to learn the fundamentals of off-road riding and tackle terrain with confidence.

What You’ll Learn? – Learn about body position, control in low traction, what your bike’s features can do when riding off-road, and how to set yourself up for success.

Adventure Riding Clinic Level 2 (Advanced)

What is this? – The Level 2 Clinic builds on Level 1, and starts to cover intermediate topics in more detail. The level 2 lessons can vary depending on the riders’ abilities, individual needs, weather, and other factors.

What You’ll Learn? – You can expect it to cover material like hill climbing & descent, taking advantage of low traction, regaining control once a bike starts to slide, riding over obstacles, and more.

Who: Any rider with an adventure bike who wants to learn to use it!

What: A full day of training, Global Certification included!

Location: Private location so that we do not disturb the partner regularly

When: Check out the Calendar below.

Other Brand Specific Certified Training

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Offroad training with Shahnawaz Karim Ducati
Offroad training with Shahnawaz Karim Triumph

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is it only for BMW motorcycles?

We’re happy to teach all brands of motorcycles. The class is primarily focused on big ADV bikes like the R1250GS, but we’ve had riders train on everything from small ADVs like the BMW 310 GS and KTM 390 up to big Scrambler-style bikes like the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE.

Can I sign up for both days?

You’re welcome to sign up for both days if you like – but know that you’ll probably be tired by the end of Sunday if you do!

What kind of tires do I need for the clinic?

Knobbies are welcome but certainly NOT required. If your tires are described by their manufacturer as dual-sport, adventure, 80/20, or similar verbiage, you’ll be fine. We’re looking for good traction in dirt and grass, not trying to set a hill-climb world record.

What skill level do I need to attend the Level 1 Clinic?

Our Level 1 clinic is designed to teach people who know motorcycle riding basics. Off-road experience is NOT required (that’s why you’re attending!)
But it would help if you were generally comfortable riding and operating your motorcycle. If you’re brand new to motorcycling, call us about how to get started and you can play in the mud with us next year!

What skill level do I need to attend the Level 2 Clinic?

The Level 2 Clinic is made to build on the skills we covered in the Level 1 class. If you’ve had any Level 1 or Beginner Adventure training anywhere in the world in the past, you’ll be prepared.
If you haven’t taken our Level 1 Clinic, the most effective way to determine which class suits you is to call us at 604.783.8158 and ask to talk with Shahnawaz. We can talk about what you want to learn and decide which (if any!) of our classes is suitable for you.

What kind of gear is required?

We plan this event late in the season so you can comfortably wear all your armour. You must at least have an ECE/SNELL/DOT-approved helmet, gloves, a shirt, long pants, and closed-toed shoes. Having a full set of gear is strongly encouraged.

What is the return policy?

You’re welcome to call us and refund your ticket for any reason 10 days before the first clinic.

Can I borrow or rent a bike to ride?

For many legal and logistical reasons, we can’t supply a bike for you to ride at the clinic as of now.

Training Calendar – Coming Soon


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