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Now Protect Your Car With Premium Car Care Products From Diamondbrite UK

Pic 1 Team

We are sure you would have seen Diamondbrite products being used for car exterior and interior care. They provide an excellent finish to your car make it look like new with just one coat of polish. Now the same Diamondbrite brand would be available to you in India making sure that you don’t get any duplicate or copy product.

Auto n Care VS Pvt. Ltd. A division of Glass Polish India Ltd founded in 2000 by Mr. Aashish Gadkari, with the aim of providing efficient and cost effective windshield scratches and chips repairing solutions, today they are not just pioneers in windshield care and car detailing, but also the most preferred company in India. The company works on a unique distortion-free scratched glass repair process and that makes them the leading glass polishing company in India. And the company would be the exclusive India distributors for Diamondbrite Car Care products as well.

Pic 3 Mr. Aashish Gadkari briefing about the product

What you should also know is that Diamondbrite also prepares Car care, two wheelers, Marine followed by leisure care products as well. The following applications and products set would now be available to you in India:

The range of Paint Protection Kits (Automobile) comes in four different options:

  • Standard Pack
  • Premium Pack
  • Premium Plus Pack
  • Supreme Plus Pack

The sam is structured int he following way:

  1. Exterior
    1. Car Wash Products
    2. Polishes & compounds
    3. Glass and Windows products
    4. Wheels cleaning products
    5. Cloths and accessories
  2. Interior and vinyl
    1. Upholstery
    2. Vinyl & Fabric
    3. Cloths & accessories
  3. Diamondbrite two wheeler
  4. Marine
  5. Leisure

How can you get the products?

Soon the products will be available in the market at various renowned car dealerships, until then you call on their toll-free 18001209676 for purchase and purchase related queries.

As rightly mentioned by Mr. Adil Jal Darukhanawala; a veteran industry expert and a renowned editor in automobile space – “This is the right time for these types of specialized products in India but the pricing also has to be right for the product to make its way through in Indian consumer psyche”

So tell us now what you feel about this new development.