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10 things to keep in car for a road trip



When you are planning a road trip you do not want to get into unnecessary trouble in the middle of the road especially if you are travelling at night and you say, I had this stuff at home and I wish I had kept it in the car.

So here is the list of those top 10 things that you should definitely keep in your car when planning a road tip:

1. Vehicle papers: You cannot ride around without these basic papers like vehicle registration certificate, Vehicle insurance, Pollution under control certificate, you own driving licence.

2. Puncture repair kit: This is a must as at any time due to bad road or incorrect Tyre pressure or various stuff on the road, you could have a flat tyre and the nearest puncture center could be very far. Yes you could change one tyre with the spare one but suppose you have 2 flat tyres then this comes really handy.

3. Pressure pump / foot pump: This is a life saver not just in case of a flat tyre but also on various terrain s where you are stuck due to lose gravel, you can any time release air pressure and move out of the situation and with this pump, you could refill the air and move ahead.

4. Headlamp bulb: On a dark/foggy night, there could be a small fluctuation and the headlamp goes off. This could be a very bad experience on the road. Carrying spare headlamps would help you get out of a situation by simply replacing it and moving ahead.

5. Army Knife: Army knife is a famous survival kit for most of the guys on the move and who are willing for adventure. It helps you keeping one pocket sized device and solving various purposes. It can be used as a life saver, a weapon incase of a threat and a tool incase of a repair required.

6. Tool kit: An elaborate toolkit helps you get you out of situation with the right tool without thinking about the problem too much.

7. Medical Kit: There are times when a lot of things can happen to you/your co-passenger like a small scratch to a bigger bruise. Ready medical kit helps you respond to the situation at that moment without further hassles.

8. Torch: Visibility is the key in terms of adventure trip and a good torch helps you in every situation.

9. Car Cigarette to 3 pin adapter: Having the battery full is the key to the moments. Charge phone, laptop, GoPro, etc.  

10. Food and lots of water: Water keeps you replenished and keeps you brain healthy and keep you up for the long rides.


Optional stuff:

  • Tow Cable: Incase your car needs a tow.
  • Jump Cable: For jump starting your vehicle incase your battery is down due to the headlamp which was kep on while you parked your car
  • Sunglasses: For coolness 🙂

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