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A brief overview of the Auto Expo The Motor Show 2016 New Delhi with Myles Cars

Hi All,

After 2 years the mega event of automotive industry has just got over and we are delighted to bring you all the action from the Auto Expo The Motor Show 2016 #AETMS16. Last time when Valentino Rossi visited Auto Expo and KTM planned to launch its Duke 200 it was an amazing scene at the auto expo and this time our visit was made memorable by the new launches @auto expo and some real great value addition by Myles cars.

I reached at the venue by booking a Myles car which was so easy and made sure that I get a premium entry to the venue. The car was very clean and with all the details abut the auto expo was also placed inside.

Coming back to the event, This year the following car companies participated:

Having said that, the cars pavillion was on the ground floor and almost all car manufacturer showcased their concept models and soon launching models. There were hevy vehicle manufacturers as well displaying thier big fleets and the anciliary companies displaying the big suspensions as well as tyres. The motorcycles were on the first floor and captures the eyes of all the bystanders.

Below are some of the pictures of my the cars and bikes that were there @the auto expo 2016 –


The following cards were unveiled:

The following Motorcycle companies participated:

Having said that we failed to understand why brands like MiniRoyal EnfieldBajajKTM and Kawasaki didn’t showcase their products. Although they had recently showcased their products in the market such as the Kawasaki VersysKTM RC390Royal Enfield Himalayan and a lot more.

One of the interesting things were the booths of brands such as Firefox cycles and MRF Tyres and even AMU came with their race car! While this was good to see however I have an interesting concept in my mind. With all of these expensive cars and bikes it becomes very difficult to first own them and then on top of that to maintain them. With the Myles rent a car facility I figured out that in order to enjoy these premium cars you need not shelve a lot of money.

With so many amazing car models on display in Auto Expo, anyone will want to get their hands on these even if for a few hours. Fortunately there is a rising demand in the market for hiring cars. The amazing part is the access to the car models which someone would only dream to drive someday. Companies like Myles have such a wide range of fleet that you can simply book one as per your need and aspiration. The primary reason for Indians to use these services is pricing. They have such l aggressive prices and discounts that you simply get tempted to try your hands on Merc or Audi for sure.

In a recent survey, it was noticed that the number 1 reason of hiring a car remains the outstation travel followed by everyday commute. Which is why players like Myles have such a strong presence in all metros which is where most commuters are shifting to these services. But an interesting aspect that the survey throws up is the increase of hiring a self-drive car for within city usage. It has grown from 2% in 2014 to 17%.

Auto Expo is all about new car display. It was also about car services. Hiring cars is fast becoming a trend. The car ownership model is saturating and burdening the free-spirited consumers in urban areas. Owning a car is a costly affair. Car is not a cheap device; with each passing year one has to pay more to buy it. In addition, there is maintenance, insurance as regular increasing costs. To top it up, the alarmingly increasing vehicles on our streets constantly add pollution and damage climate. Here is the calculation – When you own a vehicle you will use it for less than 150 days in a year, on an average, so the cost of not using it for 215 days is also something that you have to bear. Data reveals that for every single car that is added to a car sharing network, there are 41 cars that can be eliminated from the ownership network. on top of that you wouldn’t have to think about the parking! Self-drive is the next engine of growth for travel in India. With the growing individualism and my space phenomena, the discerning user is looking for options like self-drive [car sharing] and pooling.

So what are you waiting? Go ahead and try renting your car soon from Myles.

Please feel free to ask any question / suggestion about the renting cars from Myles car rental from us.

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