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Buying a car can be painful

Buying a car can be painful - wheelsguru.com

We all know just how exciting the process of buying a car can be. The sheer joy of going through tens of brands and hundreds of models and variants can sure be like a festival in the family. And taking a test drive and bringing home the new vehicle home and enjoying the miles of happy trips in it can be a great emotion to have.

But the truth also is that buying a car can be a painful thing as well. Now why are we saying this? Let us examine the pain points that one has to endure while going through the whole process of buying a car.

To begin with, we are up against a problem of plenty. Gone are the days when there were just a handful of brands to choose from and hardly any variants in those.

To choose from today’s wide range can be baffling. Often, people make the mistake of not researching enough – just because they have too many options. Similarly, another pain point that could prove costly is not choosing the optimal variant. Buying something that is too advanced means shelling out extra money while skimping on some essential features can prove to be a bad decision in the long run. The only way to solve this problem is by doing a thorough research. Looking for the right source of information – magazines, reliable auto portals, dependable auto forums, existing users and thorough collection of information from car dealers – is key here.

Another point that can get painful is procuring finance. Many banks and lenders do give loans but the trick lies in identifying someone who has a low interest rate, a simple EMI structure and also customer friendly terms like zero prepayment penalty, among others. Do read the terms and conditions of the loan carefully before committing.

Now comes another uphill task of identifying the right dealer from among the many in the city. For that, you would need to visit them and get to know their sales procedure well and also read up on their feedback. Of course, doing a test drive is a must. An uncomfortable part of the process also is the bargaining with the dealer for the best price and the freebies that you could potentially get with the car.

The final step, obviously, is taking delivery of your dream vehicle. While most dealers are reliable and are honest, there have been instances when they have handed over defective, used and ageing units. So, do a thorough inspection of your allotted car before taking the key and driving it home.

If the above points are kept in mind and practiced, buying a car need not be painful but a very delightful experience.

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