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How to plan a motorcycle ride


You guys must have seen / thought about planning a motorcycle ride and then could not plan it as it was too much tidoius or required altering of your existing plans. But it is not that much difficult if the plan is thorough and done systematically ahead of time.

In this post I would help you plan it out in a sequence and then make is easier for you to deal with it.

  1. Decide the destination at least 2 weaks in advance – this would help you even change your destination and keep options open for alternate destinations
  2. Check weather and the feasiblity of riding to the destination – at times riding to the unknown could be very challenging in case the terrain and weather conditions are not good.
  3. Purchase or make your riding gear ready and tested before the ride – Make sure you have a good helmet, a riding jacket and riding pants with certified safety protection, if not riding pants then good knee guards. Good ankle lenth riding boots and protective gloves. Please make sure that before the ride all the zippers, velcro, straps and other padding are intact. Also make sure that thereare no torn patches in the gear as during any uncertain activity it may get torn apart and hinder the protection that it is suppose to.
  4. Plan the route – make sure that you plan the route and the halts for the night and make sure if the hotels/resorts are booked by you. at times during peak season, all hotels are booked and you might have to travel further or stay in a sub standard place.
  5. Leave early and arrive before sunset – its a good experience to ride during nights especially in the hills but it could be very dangerous as well. so leave early and reach a safe destination before sunset.
  6. Cover the first half of the trip and reach the destination faster incase you are on a long ride (more than 4-5 days) as while you would be coming back you would be fairly tired and would want to relax a bit.
  7. Carry your luggage light and make sure youa are carrying all the essentials like tool kit, pucture repair kit torches etc.

With these thoughts in mind wish you all the best for you next ride and ride safe.

Please feel free to write your comments n the comments section below.

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