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Is Honda Activa 6G the best two-wheeler in its segment?

Honda’s entry into the Indian market as a stand-alone corporation, thanks to Activa, is nothing short of a revolution. It re-entered the scooter industry, making it one of India’s top two selling two-wheelers today, in addition to being the country’s most famous scooter! 

In FY 2022, Activa continued to be the most popular scooter and led the sales list by a wide margin. In FY 2022, sales of the Honda Activa were 17,08,305 units.

This blog will show why Activa 6g is the best two-wheeler in its segment. 

Honda Activa 6G

Traditional Style with Contemporary Features

At first look, the design gives off the impression that you have seen it a million times, and Honda deliberately incorporated this familiarity so that anybody might recognize the scooter. It is a family scooter that isn’t flashily advertised, and thanks to its subtle style, you can be sure that it will transport you from place-to-place sweat-free for a very long time! You can quickly check all the features and specifications of the Honda Activa 6G at Droom and take your favourite vehicle home.

Surprisingly, upon closer investigation, you will discover that the majority of the body panels are either new or have undergone alterations. The entire front has become sleeker looking as compared to the Activa 5G. The side panels and tail have the same design language, with the rear perhaps drawing inspiration from the new Activa 125. The most recent addition to the colour pallet is the new blue colour you may see on your screen.

Best engine performance in its segment

But below, practically everything is brand-new, including the lighter frame, engine, and several other components of this nature. Although the Activa 5G’s earlier 109.19 cc engine was a jewel, Honda created and used a new motor with a comparable capacity.

The new engine has excellent refinement and now has fuel injection to improve the crispness of things. Activa 6G’s overall performance is just about respectable in terms of how quickly it accelerates. No urgency exists, and the acceleration is best described as “sufficient.” There are no jerks and linear power delivery over the whole rpm range.

Improved ride quality

The scooter’s primary enhancement is this. After nearly two decades, the new Activa boasts telescopic suspension up front and a hydraulic spring with three steps of adjustability in the back. The way the scooter rides, as a result, has undergone significant alterations.

Along with superior shock absorption, it also feels more secure and provides more assurance on all surfaces. The longer wheelbase further enhances the industry leader’s overall straight-line composure.

Here are the latest updates on the new Activa 6g

Honda Activa 6G price starts from Rs. 73,000. Honda has created a new engine beginning mechanism that does away with the traditional starter motor. An ACG motor is currently in use, where the piston ignites with less power and begins to operate. Additionally, there are no gear meshing sounds.

This model uses 10% less gasoline than its predecessor. Concerning this, the new Activa 6G now has an external gasoline filling system. A lid at the back opens by pressing a button next to the keyhole. Particularly for women and the elderly who dislike getting off their scooters to refill, this function is beneficial. It is a well-constructed, logically-arranged unit.

Activa 6G has also improved several other utility aspects, such as having an 8 mm higher ground clearance and more excellent bump absorption. Legroom in the Activa was already relatively decent, and the new Activa 6G features gains an additional 23 mm. This will let you carry more extensive or more items up front, which makes scooters more prevalent in urban settings than motorbikes.


Sincerely, the Activa remains the most fabulous scooter in town as of the right moment, as seen by its impressive sales figures. And now that it has improved with its sixth generation—likely the most significant upgrade ever—it is even more special since Honda has filled in many holes before wide open.

What more could one want from the new Activa than a smoother ride, more fuel efficiency, an incredibly honed engine, and guaranteed durability? Don’t wait for more; check everything in detail and make an informed buying decision.

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