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KTM 390 track day #2 in Buddh international circuit 

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We all know KTM makes some really amazing motorcycles and have won lots of races in motocross, rallies and even MotoGP. However it’s one brand which has made significant eyeballs with its 200 and 390 cc motorcycles.

390 cc is a gem of an engine and is working for 2 bikes – rc 390 and duke 390. Owing to this Ktm once again organised the track day for the rc 390 and duke 390 owners. 

It was a set up for 90 owners with 3 batches and all riders got 3 batches of half an hour each. All riders enjoyed the sessions and very few crashes happened. 



The track was a short loop track with 2 straight stretches

Overall it was a great session organised

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