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KTM Dwarka Creates Sensation With One Of A Kind Mobile Workshop

KTM has been one brand that is known for its agility and going straight to the masses. They also inspire the same confidence in its dealers as well. And such is an example shared by KTM dwarka

The Dwarka showroom not just organises Sunday breakfast rides but also longer weekend rides as well as stunt shows in controlled enviroment performed by professional riders. In order to perform these activities perfectly, KTM dwarka has structured a really sturdy and fully operational mobile service van for its operations optise of its service center.

Van is equipped with the following equipments:

  1. Retractable work table
  2. Retractable hydraulic service ramp
  3. Lockable bike parking inside
  4. Complete tool kit
  5. Power filter washer
  6. Battery charger
  7. Spark plug cleaner
  8. Compressor
  9. Generator
  10. Tyre inflator
  11. Equipped to wash vehicle on site
  12. Used oil tank
  13. Two to three person sitting bench
  14. Pneumatic lines on all sides
  15. Mechanic & driver along with van storage racks

This not just enables them to aid and assist but also make sure that the customers are taken care of on the trips and can be made comfortable. Kudos to them!!

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