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Riding long rides with a pillion

Motorcycle riding with a pillion

Hi guys after a long time we are back and this time we are talking about riding long rides with the pillion riders on your motorcycle.

Riding with a pillion rider is a very mixed emotion of riding experience. It makes you feel better with the friend or family member you are travelling with and let them experience your motorcycling world and also slightly different as well especially when the terrain is tough and technical.
When riding with a pillion you need to keep in mind that the pillion does not have the motorcycle control but can see the same view as you can. This becomes a great instance especially when there is a threat situation and there are more eyes to take care of that. The flip side to it is also important that pillion might get to gittery especially when you take sudden or abrupt turns to avoid something unpleasant.

This could be showstopper as well for some but I consider it as life saving rule of thumbs. When riding with the pillion you need to also take care of the comfort. It’s easier to ride bike for longer duration single but for a pillion to sit back and just absorb the kirks directly is more tiring.

So just make sure that the confort and safety of pillion is take care of.

You should also keep in mind that now that the bike is heavy it would behave in a very different manner and the laws of physics change slightly. The bike tends to wobble from the back slightly and the front feels light. Another important aspect is that the balance point or Center of gravity shifts back hence the bike balancing without the foot usage becomes slightly difficult.

On the positive side the bike becomes stable front the rear and glides easily.
So just enjoy the journey with you partner and make sure you travel places with them.

Keep riding.!