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Things to remember while planning a solo motorcycle ride

Things to remember while planning a solo motorcycle ride

Hi guys I am pretty sure you would have travelled or planned some trip sooner or later on your motorcycle. the article would help you plan it better.

  1. Informing friends and family: one should always inform friends and family just before planning or going for the solo trip on your motorcycle. This way they also are comfortable as well as they could remind you of some good
  1. Travel light: Carry spares and only the things that you would need for the ride . carrying unwanted luggage will only slow down your ride.
  1. Carry Paper maps and GPS: One should always plan the route ahead to make sure that you do not digress from the main route, especially in the mountains where one route could take you to some other destination and making you lose a lot of time and unnecessary confusion and hurries to go back on schedule.
  1. Start early, finish early: Always plan to start your day early so that you could avoid the traffic in the city and other few cities around your home. This also gives you choice to move ahead of your planned destination incase you have covered a lot of destination in the first half. Another important thing is that in case of a tyre puncture / or any delay in plans you ensure you reach well before the day ends to your destination.
  1. Earplugs (not the phone ones): Earplugs helps reduce noise as well as eliminates the distractions inside your helmet and you can enjoy your ride.
  1. Inspect the motorcycle regularly: Check you motorcycle on regular intervals of anything that you may find different. Sometimes you can catch a small problem early to eradicate in getting into a bigger trouble at the later stage of the journey
  1. Eat Light: Always eat light to make sure that you done feel sleepy and always fresh. Eating light always helps you lower your travel time as you could focus and enjoy the road.
  1. Drink water regularly: if you drink less water you brain get less fluid and in turn your ride becomes sluggish. Water also helps you keep awake especially on those times when you plan to cover some stretch of road in one go and feeling tired.
  1. Use social media to enrich your trip for yourself and others: Use apps like Transroader for others to follow you and well to make sure that you can keep your journey interesting and make sure that there are more people who are inspired by your trips.
  1. Make your emergency contact and medical information easily visible: Make sure that your emergency contact numbers are easily visible / accessible. This is a classic case of any problem that had occurred or even a case when you need to inform your friends and family and your phone battery has accidentally has drained out.

So guys go ahead ride. Also share your riding experiences with me in the comments section below.