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Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mounts Of 2016

While riding motorcycle there are times when you need to have your phone in front of you either to navigate or check the weather or any other activity. Below are some of the best motorcycle cellphone mounts of 2016 that we have compiled. Note that these preference are totally based on the fact that these mounts are very affordable, multi setting as well as focused on providing the right usable angle.


Hitcase SuckR

To start with up is the Hitcase Suckr, the name may seem a bit weird but actually it serves as is a suction cup mount, so the name pretty well makes sense.

The Suckr is just the thing for ones who would like to use their mobile to capture video. It quickly attaches to any surface, be it the windshield or the gas tank. The suction cup grips strongly enough that it doesn’t fall off even at the difficult bumps and puddles.

Hitcase Pro cell phone case

The Hitcase Pro case helps to make your mobile an action cam. It is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof.

There are interchangeable lenses, macros, wide angle and more. “Shockwave Seal” is used in Hitcase, thus there isn’t much of sound issues unlike any other waterproof case.

Besides the good video facilities, it is quite a standard mobile phone case: has a good reach to all ports and buttons and a fine touchscreen capacity.

RAM Mounts Tough Claw with the Short Double-Socket Arm and a Universal X-Grip Holder

This is the best mounting setup that cash can purchase. It’s a RAM Mounts Tough Claw with the Short Double-Socket Arm and a Universal X-Grip Holder.

RAM is the undisputed lord of cruiser mounts. Whether it’s a cupholder or an angling pole or a handgun, RAM has a solid, perfectly made answer for connecting it.

To begin with the holder, it’s this spring-stacked pivot that will grasp pretty much any phone and a great deal of GPS frameworks as well. As should be obvious, it’s presumably the fastest and least demanding telephone mounting framework on the planet.

Then moving down there is the absolutely similar double-ball arm that is in the Hitcase Suckr. The reasonable price as well is a good reason to buy this stuff.


Kuryakyn Arkon Smartphone Pouch

This thing fastens over the handlebars utilizing two Philips head fasteners with nuts on the base. It’s generally as strong as the hook, however it sets aside more devices.

At that point there’s the center piece. As each person knows, it’s ideal to have two balls than to have one. In any case, Kuryakyn didn’t listen to Mother Nature so they simply manufactured a solitary rotating appendage and thus, the scope of movement here isn’t so awesome.

Then there’s the pocket. It’s basically only a sack with two foamie backings.

It’s the most fundamental of plans however it is well-constructed. Two major twofold zippers, a robust faux leather sack … the main reason this is recorded as “water resilient ” rather than “waterproof” is on account of they’ve left a gap in the base for the earphones or power string.

Image – Youtube/Ebay