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Feature: Motorcycle Apparels Company Mototech India

Motorcycling as an industry is growing in India at a rapid rate and so is the requirement for riding gear as with the technology, the chances of getting hurt especially on two wheels are much higher.

Today we got along with Team Mototech who have designed some of the most utilitarian motorcycle protective Apparel to address the growing demand in the market.

MotoTech was started in 2013. They manufacture genuine and quality motorcycle gear and accessories that assist in self protection, carrying and securing luggage and convenient riding, all from India. They are currently selling their range primarily through their re-sellers across the country.

“There are a lot of sellers who prefer to sell fake / replica products, because they are cheaper than quality products. This in the short term harms our business. The Indian consumer target audience is still not aware and used to the price points of quality products as well. So they easily get taken on a ride by sellers of fake products. One must understand that quality comes at a price.”

Having said that, the psychology is changing at a steady pace. With more potent motorcycle entering Indian markets this is bound to increase as with more speed you need better and affordable protection.

Mototech India team

Their best selling products are the following:

Since they are manufacturing everything in India, their intent of keeping it more affordable is taking shape and they are banking on service by providing efficient and fair customer service to dealers and customers alike whcih is a great thing I suppose.

“The awareness regarding safety gear while riding is definitely reaching the masses at a slow and steady pace. With the help of social media and access to resources and content through the world wide web, riders are realizing the need for riding protective gear.”

With the aim to keep on creating smart products for safety of bikers and utility products to support the bikers on their long / short rides we feel that they can grow rapidly to various motorcycle riders not just in India but globally.

A message from Team Mototech to all motorcycle riders in India?

“Live and Let Live! Ride for yourself. One must behave responsibly and with respect when on the road because. Every motorcyclist is like a role model for many people who see you or meet you on the road. So let them learn the best of you!”

You can buy the Mototech products from their website here.