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Review: Must Have Motorcycle Camera – Fusar Mohawk

Hey guys today on Indiegogo we found an amazing action came which is no just an action camera. It is the following for you:

  1. Action Camera – Capture HD Videos and Hi-res Photos
  2. Activity tracking
  3. Bluetooth Communication system
  4. Navigation Device
  5. Black Box
  6. Emergency response system

FUSAR is the world’s first technology platform for action sports designed to provide the action sports community with a place to thrive in the digital world. Record your rides and track your performance metrics, no matter the sport. All of your top stats are displayed right on your profile page, so it’s easy to see how you stack up against friends. Talk to your friends at the push of a button thanks to our RiderChats feature. Post your logged rides to your in-app content feed and share them across all of your favorite social media platforms. The same goes for any photos or videos you capture along the way! Oh, and did we mention it’s free to download?

The app is just the beginning. With the FUSAR universal smart helmet system, you can make ANY helmet smart, no matter the type, size or shape. Their Hardwear™  products provide full action camera, activity tracking, unlimited-range communication*, navigation, music playback, black box, and emergency alert capabilities. They also have a handlebar or wrist-mounted remote control to interact with FUSAR app when you’re on the go. No more stopping what you are doing, pulling off you gloves, and fishing your phone out of your pocket. We’re talking about action sports, not inaction sports! Now, you can start/stop tracking new rides, drop a pin to save a location, snap a photo or record a video – all at the touch of a button!

Watch this video below to see it in action:


I feel that this is going to change the way we perceive the action camera segment. You can book it for yourself from here.

I would love to have the Fusar Mohawk with me to give you a detailed review in the near future.

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