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Top 5 Motorcycle Life Hacks Part 2 based on (FortNine)

D.I.Y Waterproof Tank Bag

This will help you make your own waterproof tank bag.

You can put a waterproof bag on my tank, stick a magnet in each corner, in which you can put your phone and read the text messages at the stop lights or keep a map to keep yourself on the right track.

Waterproof Riding Gloves Hack

This will hack your old riding gloves.

These are rubber mechanic gloves that you can put on and also fit the riding gloves over them. They are slim, have a 100% waterproof liner and are pretty affordable.

Helmet Face Anti-Fog Hack

This will hack the helmet face shield with Head and Shoulders Shampoo.

Take a bit of water and clean the visor of the helmet really good. Keep it to try it off. Then take a bit of dandruff shampoo and scrub it with fingers all over the lens. Keep it the way it is, till it creates a good film over the lens.

Then with a clean cloth or paper towel, rub off the shampoo till it’s clear back again. It would prevent the creation of fog, even if you breathe over the screen.

This works well since Dandruff cleanser minimizes the surface tension of water and is likewise hydrophilic. Therefore, water needs to spread over the visor as opposed to the clunking of drops, which is the thing that we call mist. Gracious incidentally, shaving cream will work for this as well.

Traffic Lights Sensor Hack

Presently, recollect those magnets you use to make tank pack?

Well, there’s a simple approach to storing them that likewise hacks movement lights. As we as a whole know, sitting at a red light is ruthless for motorcyclists. Now and then our bikes aren’t sufficiently huge to trigger the acceptance circle in the asphalt, so the light doesn’t know we’re there and it remains red until the end of time.

Since activity sensors are activated by electromagnetic flux, out of the blue the red light thinks my small cruiser is a semi-truck brimming with fashioned iron! What’s more, the light changes!

Hair Elastic Reminder Hack

And finally, the last motorcycle life hack here is the hair elastic.

Rather than spending a considerable measure of cash on disc lock reminder cord, simply utilize the hair elastic to close the front brake, that way. Presently you can’t ride away without recollecting why you put this elastic here.

In case if you’ve ever done a ship crossing with your bike, you’ll realize that it’s somewhat scrappy. When the vessel turns or hits a wave, it may be sufficient to bring about the cruiser to roll a bit.

Regardless of the possibility that you leave the bike in gear, the bit of trick in the back tire can be sufficient to thump it off the kickstand. So put a hair elastic on the front brake, and your bike is more secure.