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Top 5 Motorcycle Life Hacks

There are a lot of things that you could do to make your motorcycle ride more plants and then there are these small life hacks for motorcycle to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck!

1) D.I.Y Anti-Theft

Generally when we park our motorbikes at the backside of the house, that gives the thief a fair chance to steal it. So to prevent that the best thing we can do is use a small hack that can make your motorcycle impossible to start.

The super easy and quick trick is to pull the wire off the start plug so that it doesn’t start.

Go beneath the bike seat, to the fuse box, and withdraw the main fuse. Although not a an enduring one, but yes the burglars will definitely have a tough time to figure out a solution.

Another way is to cart off the clutch lever. It usually takes hardly three minutes of work and can be easily performed with the use of a stock toolkit. Again, the burglars will face tough time to sort it out, but then it is advisable to go for only once to deter the burglars.


2) Baby Wipes

It indeed cannot be denied that motorcycle gear cleaning is quite an ardent task to undertake, especially when you are already in mid of an ongoing long motorbike trip. Cleaning of the helmet liners often need a certain exclusive cleaner as the soapy chemicals present in other solutions can depreciate the quality of the helmet by damaging the resins within the shell as well as the EPS foam. Additionally, the regular soap may cause the leather portions to crack, dry out and discolor.

Baby wipes have the gentlest chemicals as they are used for the newborns. Thus, it works in a similar fashion over your helmet leathers. They moisturize the motorcycle helmet liners in almost no time.

Some people also use the baby wipes to clean their bike seats and windshield as well.

3) Bungee Net

This will as your perfect solution for the luggage aspect.

To carry any size of time you certainly need something that holds it properly. Hardcover boxes are fine but what to do when you object exceeds the fixed size of the already present hard case over your bike? For that issue, bungee net is the solution. No matter what size of object you choose, a round football or a square birthday present, the bungee net will accommodate pretty smoothly.

4) Newspaper Warmth

This smart hack will make your motorcycle jacket warmer.

THe newspaper forms several small sized air pockets which serve as excellent insulators keeping you warm. Newspaper is also very good in capturing moisture, preventing it to reach the body, say for example when it rains.

5) Seasonal Deals

The last but not the least hack offers you a chance to go for shopping the cheapest deals in the powersports market.

Most of the times the ADV gear’s price that has higher figures than the dirt motorcycle equipment. Now the life hack to this is to stay updated with the latest deals emerging every now and then in the powersports market. This way you can buy your choice of equipment by remaining at the cheaper side of the fence.

So what are you waiting for try them out soon.