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7 Essential Accessories For Beginner Motorcycle Riders

14b8f9bce0fc9d23c93616e135606221 motorcycle safety gear motorcycle girlsToday we’re talking about simple cheap and small add-ons that can really make your riding easier more comfortable and even safer. Seven small items you can pick up to make your riding even better.

Sena Bluetooth Communication

Sena is the premier brand and product and motorcycle communicators most people are very familiar with. Sena Bluetooth communicator slides right onto the side of your helmet and comes with the small microphone and two speakers you slot into the helmet. I have a Sena 10 C which is the top of the line product and it allows you to communicate with ten of your riding buddies at once. Communicating with your friends while riding is imperative in my opinion besides the hand signals we all use being able to accurately and quickly tell someone of a dangerous obstacle up ahead or a quick right-hand turn is super useful. Another awesome feature is the ability to stream music and navigation straight into your helmet. When I traveled on my bike it was awesome to cruise on the highway listening in to songs and then have a disembodied voice tell you where to go then Sena is a must for any motorcycle rider in my opinion.

Frame Sliders

Frame sliders are a simple investment that will pay for itself 10 times over should you have a low side. frame sliders are either plastic/rubber or metal pieces that jut out from your bike’s frame and provide a point on which they can slide and protect your bikes precious engine casing, plastics, and bars. A low side with frame sliders on provided it’s a good day will just bruise your ego and maybe cost you INR 3,000 to 4,000. But if you low-side without them on even at a low speed it could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. You can do your research on which ones are the best fit for your bike but a good pair of frame sliders are valuable in my opinion.

Dedicated riding bag

You might imagine that for riding you can slap on any old backpack and it’ll do for carrying your items when you’re the bike that’s kind of true. However you’ll come to quickly realize that a regular backpack will just flop around when you lean in the corners that’s why a dedicated riding bag comes in handy and I highly recommend this Kreiga R20 backpack it’s full of features comes at a great price and most importantly it has a central latch that connects the straps across your chest which greatly reduces the mentioned floppiness.


Earplugs as consumable goods, in my opinion, are absolutely essential to riding. There are dangers of prolonged exposure to loud noises particularly wind noise not really exhaust noise. A bulk box of earplugs can be bought for cheap and will last you over six months or more of daily use. If you want to go all the way you can always custom order a set that will fit your ear canal specifically but to be honest I always thought that was being a little extra wearing earplugs makes you more aware while you ride and won’t cause your ears to ring after a long day in the saddle absolutely essential in my opinion.

Air Compressor & Tire Guage

Ask any track day junkie what their essential accessories are and I guarantee you you’ll hear tire gauge an air compressor. Your correct psi for the riding conditions you’ll be in is essential. Most newbies overlook their tire pressure but it’s important to check out what the tire pressure is on your ride before heading out having an accurate gauge. You can either get one of these little ones that are super portable and can be even taken on the road for a long trip or you can get a full-size compressor to set up in your garage personally. I recommend having both mainly because of full size their compressors a tool you can probably use for the rest of your life and it’s super useful a roadside tool kit.

Zip Ties

zip ties and the ultimate cop out from your dude scammy pube is a bulk box of zip ties in assorted sizes yeah that’s right I went there and it’s the last item on this list but come on bro cut me some slack if you don’t have a crapload of zip ties you’re doing it wrong zip ties are literally one of the most useful tools you can have in your arsenal. They’ve gotten me out of a bind on multiple occasions and I recommend them to anyone starting out who’s wondering what’s a good accessory to have for riding motorcycles secure a loose plastic tie up loose cables and get that peg back on there zip ties are never gonna let you down.