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7 Mistakes That New Riders Make

Today we talk about theĀ top 7 most common mistakes that the new motorcycle riders make. As we mention in the video, we don’t cover things that the riders should have done prior to getting on a motorcycle. Instead, we concentrate on mistakes that riders make while riding. We cover different aspects of riding, from physics of motorcycle riding, such as knee dragging, motorcycle traction with the road, road hazards as well as public wheelies, showing off and just generally stupid things that the riders tend to do.


  1. BecomingĀ Valentino Rossi on Day 1
  2. Not Keep Throttle Steady
  3. Lean alot
  4. Once turning forget the front break
  5. Don’t ride city streets on higher gears
  6. Public wheelies
  7. Look what I can do – show off

Please note that your opinion might differ from ours, thus please let us know if we missed anything important out down in the comment section below.