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Best scooter tires 2016

best scooter tyreMichelin Power Pure SC

The primary element about this tire is its double compound. That is predictable in the bike world yet for bike riders, the Power Pure is the first of its kind. The front tire is ultra delicate and the back is delicate medium. It implies that the center point of every tire utilizes a steadier compound than the boundaries. So you achieve greatest straight-line stability as well as range, while as yet having an agile surrounding grasp.

The middle plot seizes water, affecting it up and out like a cascading waterfall. As a result, the tire remains to the pavement instead of getting slid over the waters, which is at the end a very good thing.

The “fountains” are spread out, however, putting a slimy middle belt under the mid section of the tire. That technically serves well for the mileage factor, as it not only spans distributes the load throughout, rather because there are no channels in the primary wear segment.

This tire is all about good performance and made up of ultra-rigid layers. So even if you lean it to the extreme edge, this tire won’t go out of shape

Michelin City Grip

This tire is a good choice if you are planning to go for a long distance journey because this is a long enduring tire. The load is spread well due to the presence of the slick center belt plus because of the hard compound rubber, the wearing process gets slowed down.

The sidewalls are high but very soft which enables them to take the bumps well, providing a smooth ride.

It is also wet weather proof. The center grooves do good water evacuation throughout from the edges. Thus, it serves as a good and safe tire during the rains especially.

Maxxis M6024

It is a hard-core ADV tire but mounting it on a scooter is an absolute fun, it is that easy and cheap as well.

It has a big-block tread pattern and is made of a super soft rubber compound and a nice angular element. It implies that this tire will make way through the sharp twists and turns and give you a good ride altogether.

Kenda K329

This tire has a huge size wide contact patch, which is good for any tire. The primary tread shifting the water from center to the edges plus leftovers being soaked up ensures safety big time.

Pirelli SL 38

This last tire pick is solely for all it’s great style points. Style wise this tire is very cool because of its wild geometric pattern where the inner pipes go with the shape of every tread block.