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BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2024 Namibia

It has been decided where the 2024 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy will take place. Namibia will host the off-road adventure this time. The International GS Trophy will again take place in Africa in 2024 after being held on every continent worldwide.

The beautiful scenery, unusual flora, and animals are only two of Namibia’s captivating charms. A beautiful starry sky spreads out over this paradise on the Atlantic coast of southwestern Africa as night falls after a scorching day has come to an end with a rich crimson sunset. In summary, travelling to interesting Namibia will be an experience in many ways, especially when it’s well-seasoned with SpiritOfGS.

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For an International Team at the 2023 BMW Motorrad Days, there will be national qualifying rounds and the first international qualification round.

The formal start of the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2024 is still way off, though. In the meantime, a preview of what’s to come can be found in the national qualifying rounds. For skilled endurance specialists to showcase their abilities, there will be 15 national qualifying events and one international qualifying round worldwide.

Participants must complete GPS navigation exercises, off-road rides, and technical exams to qualify for one of the 22 national teams. The women’s teams who win at the national level will receive a trip to the international female qualifying round. Six women’s teams will be chosen for the 16 men’s teams’ highly prized places on the plane to Namibia.

The qualifying rounds for the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2024 are confirmed for the following countries and regions:

BrazilBeNeLux (Luxembourg,
The Netherlands, Belgium)
Latin America
(Chile, Costa Rica)
El Salvador
(Guatemala, Columbia,
Panama, Paraguay, Peru)
MexicoMiddle East
(Arab Emirates, Bahrain,
Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon,
Oman, Pakistan, Qatar,
Saudi Arabia)
South AfricaSouth KoreaUnited KingdomUnited States of America

Looking forward to riding again!