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BMW Motorrad International Instructors Academy IIA Certification Course – Shahnawaz Karim – Wheelsguru

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Hi Guys, This Diwali when everyone was celebrating the joys of festivity, I was celebrating the joys of the motorcycle riding. It was a special moment that BMW Motorrad India finally got the youngest IIA certified trainer. The first certified international trainer from India.

That’s yours truly Shahnawaz Karim

This training was conducted by BMW Motorrad Academy which is based out of Hechlingen. They organized this certification for the existing trainers who are training a lot of customers. The training comprises of 5 different aspects of judgment:

  1. Instructor test as an instructor
  2. Riding test
  3. First aid test
  4. Product test (Including technical)
  5. Written test on the brand
  6. Written on instructor training

These parameters constituted 7 days of training and tests.

With these parameters, the trainer needs to get a minimum 65% in written tests and has only 4 points for errors out of the overall test. It gave an added pressure to all the participants in the certification. Let me also give you a background of the other participants. The other participants came from various parts of the world – Germany, Spain, China, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and India.

7 days of extensive practice and lots of learnings led to a successful completion of the certification with flying colors.

Our trainers were Bernd Hiemer and Gerdy Seitz. Both the guys were fabulous as they had a great way of training. One is more aggressive and the other is more structured. Which gave us a very good way to understand how we can be flexible in our training.

The vehicles that were tested on were the BMW R1200GS Rallye. The motorcycles were added with engine crash bars, Enduro tires, Rally footpegs, enduro adjusted handlebars. These motorcycles were provided by TWTmoto and the area where we practiced was the Enduropark Andalucia, Near Malága, Spain.

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