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Damon Motors and E-One Moli Partnership To Energize Rechargeable Batteries in 2024

In a strategic collaboration within the thriving electric vehicle sector, Damon Motors, a prominent Vancouver-based electric motorcycle company, has unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with E-One Moli Energy Corp. The collaboration aims to integrate E-One Moli’s cutting-edge batteries into Damon’s flagship HyperSport electric motorcycles, marking a pivotal move towards elevating the performance of electric two-wheelers.

Based in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, E-One Moli Energy Corp.’s Canadian division, Molicel, is a key player in the global market for rechargeable lithium-ion cell products. Casey Shiue, President of Molicel, expressed confidence in the tailored suitability of Molicel’s battery technology for high-performance motorcycles. This collaboration comes on the heels of E-One Moli Energy Corp.’s announcement in November 2023 regarding plans for a substantial $1.05-billion lithium-ion battery cell plant near its existing operations in Maple Ridge.

Derek Dorresteyn, Chief Technology Officer of Damon Motorcycles, emphasized the transformative impact of the partnership. Dorresteyn highlighted that E-One Moli’s forthcoming battery plant in British Columbia would significantly reduce supply chain complexities, enhancing the efficiency of North American motorcycle manufacturing for Damon.

Damon Motors: Collaborative Innovation and Testing

Engineers from E-One Moli and Damon are already immersed in joint ventures exploring current and future battery applications. The primary goal is to enhance HyperSport’s capabilities, aiming for increased range, higher power, and shorter charge times compared to industry competitors. Damon recently put this partnership to the test by pitting a HyperSport equipped with Molicel batteries against a combustion-powered 2023 model 1000cc superbike on a private track in California.

Results showcased the HyperSport’s acceleration matching its combustion-powered counterpart, both reaching impressive top speeds of 168 mph and 169 mph, respectively. Damon attributes the smoother power delivery of the HyperSport to the absence of the typical instability caused by fluctuating torque in traditional combustion engines.

Damon Motors: Innovative Design and Industry Recognition

Damon’s HyperSport features state-of-the-art design elements, including liquid cooling technology, single-sided electric connection, and a 500V architecture, enabling it to deliver high continuous power output comparable to 1000cc superbikes. Damon’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its portfolio of 40 patents, covering diverse technologies such as advanced rider aids, the “Shift” embedded active ergonomics system, 4G connectivity, and a proprietary AI-enabled cloud.

Damon Motors: Financial Milestones and Future Plans

Having secured over $70 million in funding and boasting more than $85 million in deposit-backed reservations for over 3,400 pre-ordered motorcycles, Damon is on the brink of a significant corporate development. The company is currently finalizing a reverse merger transaction with Grafiti Holding Inc., a spin-off entity of Inpixon, a California-based IoT company. Post-transaction completion, Damon is set to become a publicly traded entity listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, further solidifying its position in the electric motorcycle market.

As Damon Motors and E-One Moli Energy join forces, the future of high-performance electric motorcycles seems poised for remarkable advancements, combining cutting-edge battery technology with innovative design and collaborative engineering expertise.

Source: Electric Autonomy