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Dodge Tomahawk – 4 Wheeled, 500bhp, Viper V10 Powered Motorcycle

At the 2003 Detroit North American International Auto Show, Dodge surprised and impressed the world with its 4-wheeled, 500bhp, Viper V10 powered motorcycle. While we doubt it’ll reach its claimed top speed of 350mph, we want to believe this is what Batman would be cruising around on instead of that goofy Bat pod bike that he had in Dark Knight. In 2005, Dodge decided to sell 09 non-running versions, at $550,000 a pop through Neiman Marcus.

dodhe Viper V10 powered motorcycle

However, it is still a non–street legal concept vehicle which requires a lot of practice and quite a bit of skill to ride smoothly. However, the Tomahawk would stretch the heights you have only fantasized in your mind. The vehicle would definitely become the centre of attention on the roads and worth all the praise.

Tomahawk viper

Dodge’s claims of a hypothetical top speed of 300-420 miles per hour (480 to 680 km/h), probably based on horsepower and gearing calculations, were disapproved by the motorcycling and automotive media, its use of a large-capacity 10-cylinder automobile engine, and its four close-coupled wheels, which gave a motorcycle-like presence, and fuelled debate on whether it was or was not actually a motorcycle.

dodge viper 10 cylinder automobile

The 1,500-pound Tomahawk can reach 60 miles an hour in about 2.5 seconds, and has a theoretical top speed of 300 mph. Each pair of wheels is separated by a few inches and each wheel has an independent suspension. Bernhard said four wheels were necessary to handle the power from the engine.

The Dodge Tomahawk is a Chrysler Group design concept that is as much a Viper-powered work of art as it is a whole new kind of vehicle invention. It is both a sculpture that can be ridden, as well as a bold statement about the Chrysler Group’s enthusiast culture and passion for design. Bernhard said a decision on whether to build the Tomahawk could be made in several months.

The Tomahawk is a Viper V-10 based motorcycle, a 500 horsepower engine with ten hand-built reproductions, each to be sold at the smooth price of $555,000. If you’re power junkie looking for a collector’s item, this is the ultimate trip. Detroit, MI – The 2016 Detroit auto show has seen a lot of concept cars over the decades, but a four-wheel motorcycle powered by a 645-horsepower V-10 engine is a first.

Everyone remembers original Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle concept bike, now at Dodge, team are making it a reality for 2017.