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Ducati’s Bold Leap into the Motocross World: A New Era in Ducati Motocross

In an exhilarating twist of events, the iconic red from Borgo Panigale is venturing into uncharted territory – Ducati Motocross! Ducati, the renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer, has embarked on an exciting journey into Ducati motocross. This new chapter marks an extraordinary shift in Ducati’s legacy, reinforcing its commitment to designing high-performance, lightweight motorcycles with top-notch components. Moreover, the driving force behind this endeavour is nine-time Motocross World Champion Antonio Cairoli, who has joined Ducati as a high-performance test rider. Let’s dive into this exciting development and see what Ducati has in store for the world of Ducati Motocross.

The Road to Motocross: A Two-Year Odyssey

Ducati’s entry into motocross has been in the making for the past two years. During this time, the company has diligently worked on a prototype set to debut in the Italian Motocross Championship. This strategic move reflects Ducati’s distinctive approach to motorcycle development, beginning with racing competition and transforming those innovations into high-performance production models. They aim to validate technical solutions on the track, ensuring their enthusiasts experience exceptional performance in Ducati Motocross.

The Birth of a New Line of Off-Road Motorcycles

This ambitious project is a multi-year undertaking that will create an entire range of off-road engines and motorcycles. These off-road machines will bear the Ducati emblem; fittingly, the journey starts with motocross, a critical step in the evolution of Ducati Motocross.

Antonio Cairoli: A Champion Joins the Cause

The star of this project is undoubtedly Antonio Cairoli, a legendary figure in the motocross world. Cairoli’s unmatched talent, speed, and extensive experience make him an invaluable addition to the Ducati team. As a high-performance test rider, he will play a pivotal role in shaping the new motocross motorcycle’s development under Ducati Motocross’s banner.

Claudio Domenicali’s Vision

Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, expressed his pride in this new venture, stating, “I am proud to announce Ducati’s entry into Motocross. A totally new world for Ducati in which we want to bring our talent in designing lightweight motorcycles with excellent components and high performance.”

Domenicali further emphasized that Ducati’s journey into motocross is driven by their belief in utilizing the track as a real-world laboratory to develop and test motorcycles, which will eventually be available to customers and enthusiasts of Ducati Motocross.

An Exciting Partnership with Maddii Racing

Ducati has also sealed a multi-year partnership with Maddii Racing, a highly experienced team in the motocross world. Maddii Racing will serve as the reference structure for Ducati’s MX racing activities, featuring Alessandro Lupino, an eight-time Italian Champion and 2021 MXoN winner, who is contracted to Ducati as a racing and test rider for Ducati Motocross.

The Ducati Off-Road Project: Uniting Lightness and Power

Ducati’s focus for this off-road project is a combination of extremely lightweight design, top-of-the-line components, and engines renowned for their broad power delivery curve. Their use of the Desmodromic system, a technology employed across their sports bikes, further underlines their commitment to engineering excellence in Ducati Motocross.

Expanding the Brand’s Presence into New Terrain

Ducati’s excellent results in recent years made this strategic leap into the specialist off-road sector possible. It marks an important step in expanding the brand’s presence into new territory. The move welcomes young motorcyclists into the fold, creating an even larger Ducatisti community and Ducati Motocross fans.

Performance Off the Asphalt: A New Chapter Begins for Ducati Motocross

Performance, one of Ducati’s three core values alongside Style and Sophistication, will now shine off the asphalt. In Borgo Panigale, a community of off-road enthusiasts eagerly awaits Desmo’s full potential on display in Ducati Motocross.

Ducati’s foray into motocross, now known as Ducati Motocross, promises to be a thrilling ride, and the motoring world eagerly anticipates the legendary red from Borgo Panigale conquering the dirt tracks.

Ducati’s bold step into motocross, under the banner of Ducati Motocross, is a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation, performance, and a thirst for new challenges. This exciting chapter in their storied history promises to captivate the motocross world and bring Ducati’s legendary performance to a whole new audience.

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